Parents' Association

The Parents’ Association in a school works with the Principal, Staff and Board of Management to build effective co-operation and partnership between the home and school. Its role is to promote the interests of the children in a school in co-operation with the Board of Management, Principal, Teachers and Students. (Education Act 1998). Our Parents’ Association aims to arrange a variety of activities throughout the school year to promote the Good Shepherd National School, promote the involvement of parents in the school and raise necessary finances as well as co-ordinating other events. While all pupils’ parents are members of the Parents’ Association, the majority are not involved in the day-to-day running of the association. Families from across the school are represented by the current Parents’ Association committee:

Hazel Keogan, Hilary McDonagh, Adrienne McDermott, Anna Kurpanik, Anne Spooner Nolan, Caitriona McCarthy, Doreen Finn, Ingrid Fuxova-Collins, Paige Edwards,Maria Jesus Muniz Rojas, Mariana Miconi, Michelle Edwards, Susan Garrigan, Rasha Rasheed.

If you have any ideas or would like to get involved in the Parents’ Association please contact us by email: