Junior Infants


December 2016 

We have been working very hard on our winter and Christmas art to decorate the classroom. We have painted snowmen, made Rudolph faces, Christmas trees and learned all about the Robin Redbreast and the Barn Owl. Here are some pictures of the work we have done:

With the cold weather kicking in we have been getting cosy reading lots of winter and Christmas themed books.  We hope you will too over the holidays - the children love storytime!

We went on the bus to see Santa in St. Tiernan’s Secondary school. We got sweets and drinks and sang lots of Christmas songs. It was such a fun day!




November 2016

It is now winter and we have been learning all about the changes in weather. It is much colder outside so we wrap up in our coats, scarves, hats and gloves every day. It is also getting darker much earlier and most of the leaves are gone from the trees now. The animals have collected their food storage for the winter and are hibernating. We really hope it snows this winter so that we can build snowmen! We have been learning all about ourselves - body parts, hair colour, eye colour, our hobbies and talents, our similarities and differences.  In art we did self-portraits:

      October 2016       

We have been learning all about Hedgehogs in class. We know that a hedgehog can roll up into a ball, that it has prickly spines, it loves to eat snails, worms, slugs and insects and that it goes to sleep for the winter months. This is called hibernation.


We have been learning lots of new things since we started school. We are learning all about autumn now. The leaves change colour from green, to red, orange, yellow and brown and they fall off the trees. We collected lots of leaves, horse chestnuts and pine cones for our nature table in our class. We went on our first sponsored school walk - thanks to everyone who sponsored and supported this fundraiser!  As you can see it was a lovely, sunny autumn day:






We are learning sounds using the Jolly Phonics programme.  Here is a sample of our writing:

Halloween was the best fun ever! We all dressed up in class. Some children were scary monsters, some were beautiful princesses, but we all looked great and had a big Halloween party in class with Ms. Rafferty. She dressed up as a witch but she didn’t scare us!

We made spider lollipops and paper plate pumpkins!!



September 2016 

Welcome to Junior Infants 2016! Our teacher’s name is Ms. Rafferty and we are all settling in really well in class. We have made lots of new friends already and are very excited for the year ahead.


On our first morning we had so much fun. We played with lots of toys and we met so many new children. Everybody was so nice and we are very happy to be in Good Shepherd National School!

We are enjoying playing with all the toys and games in our classroom and getting to know our classmates.  We are learning lots of rhymes and practicing our colouring too:  Here are our cutting and pasting skills:

In Maths we have learned all about colours and shapes.  Here are our rainbow pictures:


We painted our hands and made handprint pictures to keep as a memory of our first year at school:

Welcome to

Junior Infants 2016