Second Class


Science Week 2016

Eric Dempsey, one of Ireland’s leading bird experts, visited our class during Science week. He talked to us about all kinds of birds that live in Ireland and showed us their beautiful feathers. We learned lots about swallows and how they migrate to South Africa to escape the cold winter months. We couldn’t believe that they will often find their way back to the exact part of Ireland they were born the following summer.

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As part of our in class Science Week celebrations, we designed and made lava lamps in groups. First we filled a bottle up two thirds of the way with oil. Next we added water to fill the bottle up. We noticed that oil and water do not mix together like Mi-Wadi and water do. Then we added some blue or red food colouring to the bottle, which mixed with the water. Lastly, we added an Alka Seltzer tablet which created chemical energy in the bottle. This pushed coloured water bubbles up through the oil. We could see it most clearly when we held a torch under the bottle.

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We have been learning all about Native Americans this month. We made our very own ‘dream catchers’, which are a tradition of the Native American people. They would hang them over the place they slept in their homes, which were called teepees. They believed that the spiderweb-like inside of the dreamcatcher would catch any bad dreams, and that the feathers would allow good dreams to fall on them.


Winter Art

Look at our fantastic snowman art!




Autumn Leaves

We collected autumn leaves from around our school and homes this month. In pairs, we used a leaf key to identify the various leaves we found. We found ten different types of leaves, including maple, chestnut, oak and beech leaves. We loved looking at all of the different shapes and colours. When we were finished, we did some lovely leaf rubbings.    


Maths Week 2016

We celebrated Maths week from the 10th to the 14th of October. On Wednesday, we did our Maths lesson in the sports hall. We used our mental maths and skip counting skills to work out the points each team earned per round of our Maths week game.

School Walk 2016

On Friday the 14th of October we went on our annual school walk to raise funds for our school. It poured rain during the night but luckily it was dry by 9.30am and we could go ahead as planned. We went along with 1st class, 3rd class and Ms Horgan’s class. After our walk, we stopped off at a local playground for some fun!


On the last day of school before the Halloween break, we wore in our costumes and played some traditional Halloween games. Our apple bobbing winner managed to catch an apple in just six seconds! Our favourite game was ‘Guess the Ghost’. We also did a quiz with questions about the things we’ve learned so far in school this term. The first place pair got everything correct.

Well done to everybody for your hard work so far this term!


 September 2016

Welcome to 2nd Class Ms. McGuinness!

Roald Dahl Day

Roald Dahl would have been 100 years old on the 14th of September this year, so we celebrated Roald Dahl’s life and all of our favourite Roald Dahl stories. We learned all about his early life and read two of his most famous books, Fantastic Mr Fox and the Twits. We did portraits of our favourite characters and even made disgusting Mr Twit beards!



We’ve done some interesting experiments already this year.  We tested what seeds need to grow and had some interesting results! We each got cress seeds and put them into a cup with cotton wool.

We gave the Sample A group water and left them on the windowsill.

We watered sample B and put them in a dark cabinet for a week.

We watered sample C and put them in the fridge.

We didn’t water sample D at all and left them on the windowsill too.

 Lastly, we watered sample E and put them into an airtight lunchbox.

Check out our results!!

Sample A: Grew beautifully!

Sample B: Grew big and tall in the dark, but the leaves were a lighter colour than the other plants.

Sample C: Wouldn’t grow at all in the fridge, but it started growing once we took it out.

Sample D: Wouldn’t grow at all without water, but started to grow a few days after we watered it.

Sample E: Grew tall but some of the leaves were soggy and brown. (We suspect some air got in!)

European Language Day

We celebrated European Language Day in our class on Monday the 26th of September.  We are lucky to have Arabic, French, Moldovan, Polish, Portuguese, Ukrainian, Filipino and Romanian speakers in our class. In small groups we organised games and worked on projects to teach the rest of the class a few words in each of our languages. We really enjoyed learning words from new languages and putting together our poster projects!


Music Makers

We designed and made our own musical instruments out of everything and anything we had in our art press. Look at some of our creative ideas!