4th class

Science Week 2016

We love science!!!

Fourth Class marked science week in the good Shepherd completing a number of really interesting experiments. We used the school’s Electricity kits to make simple circuits and made light bulbs light. We also used buzzers and motors in these activities.

We investigated what happens when we mixed an acid (vinegar) and a base (bread soda) together.  

We also investigated how plants absorb water.

During Science Week we also made salt crystals by separating salt and water.

We investigated materials during Science Week. We made ink from berries and used this to complete some writing activities.

We also investigated and recorded how different liquids mix together/ don’t mix together.

UCD Amgen Visit

The highlight of Science Week was learning about forensic science and extracting DNA from a banana with scientists from UCD

Chess with De La Salle Transition Year Students

4th Class have been privileged to have the Transition Year Students from De La Salle College, Churchtown visit us every Friday afternoon. The students have patiently taught us how to play chess. Recently they have started helping 4th Class to learn ‘Scratch Programming’ and ‘Minecraft Coding’.

Maths Week 2016

4th Class were busy during Maths Week 2016 learning about fractions and doing a ‘Maths Trail’. We also realised that there are quite a few ‘Card Sharks’ in the class!!!!