5th Class

Welcome to 5th and 6th Class!

We have been very busy since we returned in September; here are some of our highlights.

Art Projects

We created self portraits using oil pastels. Can you recognise anybody!?

Samples of our Self Portraits

Pablo Picasso

We learned all about Pablo Picasso who was born over 120 years ago in Spain. We looked at his work from different periods but we focused on ‘The Cubism Period’. We drew cubist self portraits of ourselves and had so much fun working on them! His paintings are amongst the most expensive in the world, maybe one of us 5th or 6th class artists could be the next big thing!

Vincent Van Gogh

We also learned all about Vincent Van Gogh. Did you know he used to work in a gallery and sell other people’s paintings before he started painting himself? He didn’t go to Art College to learn to paint instead he taught himself to paint. He is best known for cutting off a piece of his own ear.

 In class we looked at some of his most famous paintings such as Sunflowers and Starry Night. We used oil pastels and paint to make our own versions of Starry Night; they turned out so well we might try to pass them off as his own work!


We created Autumn/Halloween themed silhouettes. We used autumn colours in the background and we used black paint to create the silhouette image. We really enjoyed creating them.


We have been busy in Maths. We created fun worksheets ‘All about me’.

For Maths week we did lots of fun Maths activities and we did a Maths trail around the school.

6th class created a Maths board on our corridor. We had great fun thinking of a theme and we all settled on ‘Time’. We timed some of the students doing activities, we created some fun puzzles and we labeled a big clock to make it easier for the younger students in the school to read. We really enjoyed it.