Junior Language Class 

Term 1 News

We have been very busy since September. It is difficult to tell you about everything we do, but here is a little insight into our class.


Working with the Green School Committee

Nature Walks

We've had some really lovely weather over the last few months, so we have been busy going on nature walks. We also went on our Sponsored Walk. On our journeys we discovered and investigated some of our local wild-life which we call “mini-beasts”. We found two earthworms on the paths coming out of little clay holes. We saw lots of wasps around a tree so we looked at them from a wide distance. We noticed a lot of spider webs and saw a daddy long legs and a fly that had been caught in the web. The spider had wrapped his web around it to have his dinner later.


 This week we made windsocks to help us explore the wind.


Science Week 2016

We had a visit from Mr Eric Dempsey who gave a fantastic workshop on birds. We looked at lot of varieties of feathers. We heard about the hard work the swallow has every year leaving Ireland to travel South. Eric asked us to remember from now on, the swallow’s long journey, every time we see the first swallow each year.  

We also looked at the smoothness of the barn owl’s wing and how it has evolved over the centuries. It is now silent so when it swoops on an unsuspecting mouse so the mouse will not hear it approach.  

Every class in the school is working with our Green School Committee to learn about Biodiversity and all the different life forms on our fabulous planet. We hope to apply for our Biodiversity flag this year  -  2017.  



We did a lot of leaf rubbings and bark and wall rubbings. We noticed that some surfaces are smooth and some are very rough.    

Our teacher had noticed a grey squirrel on Whitebarn Road on the way in to school. We studied some pictures of red and grey squirrels and their habitat and wrote a little and painted them. We made other pictures of hedgehogs and then put them all together on our group Autumn freeze.  

We also cut out pictures of plants, animals and people from magazines and sorted them into three groups.

3.png                                  4.png



We play lots of games in P.E. including "I sent a letter" "What time is it Mr. Wolf" "Fruit and Vegetables" and the "Numbers" game. We also play games like "Follow the Leader" where we jog, crawl like Alligators, hop like Bunny Rabbits, jump like frogs. We play play football, basketball and dodgeball.


We love Drama every Tuesday with Aoife. We play lots of  action games while we use our imagination. Aoife helps us to express all kinds of emotions.

We regularly visit our school library where we listen to stories or read  our own books ourselves. Sometimes we  just chat about the pictures while taking a rest on the cosy beanbags in our Reading Room.  


The Computer Room is near the PE hall. Since we first visited it last September while on our school walk we have learnt to program a little using Scratch with teacher's help. We also use Paint and are now able to use a computer mouse and close down a computer properly.



We are also learning our sounds and phonics. We use a wide range of programmes including Peter Rabbit, Jolly Phonics and the “Over the Rainbow" phonics workouts.  We study our Sounds and Flash cards using "Over the Rainbow" Phonics Workouts.


We really enjoy playing the “ Over the Rainbow” games. You can check them out yourself on​ ​www.sorchaj.com​.  


We also use Fuzzbuzz and the associated computer games. We will be starting our workbooks soon and some of us take home our Fuzzbuzz readers everyday for homework. We love listening to phonics stories using​ ​www.starfall.com​ especially the “Gingerbread Man”. That’s a great help for us to learn our shapes and colours.  


We have assembly on Mondays and we get to see who is "Listener of the Week". We always walk quietly on the corridors so everyone can work hard.  


During the first term we played our percussion instruments and are learning to clap in time to the rhythm. We composed our own rhythms using animal sounds and we learnt lots of new songs. The instruments we used were drums, tambourines, shakers and bells. Over the Christmas we listened to the Garda Band and we saw their fantastic instruments including a trombone. We also sang along while our teacher played the keyboard at the school Christmas concert.

We are really looking forward to Term 2- Welcome to 2017!