ASD Early Intervention Class News

 September 2016   

Welcome to Ms. Younge’s Class. Here is our September news. We would like to share some class pictures with you and update you on how we are getting on in our new class!

We cannot believe the first month of school is almost finished but we are now settling into our class routines, unpacking our bags in the morning, putting our lunchboxes away and hanging up our coats at the door.

In the morning and afternoon sessions, we rotate between three different coloured stations- blue, yellow and red. We follow our individual timetable which shows us which station we go to first, second and last. A timer is set for 8 minutes and when the buzzer goes off, we are finished at that station and take that colour off our timetables and put in the “finished” pot, then move to the next station. This week we did writing skills at blue station (tracing, scribbling), phonics skills at red station ( ABC jigsaw, letter matching, word making puzzles) and worked on number recognition at yellow station (matching numbers 1-10, counting puzzles, number jigsaws, colour teddy sorting and shape puzzles). In the afternoon sessions we work on fine motor skills at each station such as cutting with scissors/ ripping, Lacing boards and construction toys as well as scooping and pouring pasta and rice, using spoons, cups and pots.  

In the Sensory Room, we work on our gross motor skills playing in the ball pool, the climbing frame and on the swing and the trampoline. During P.E. in the big hall, we balance and walk along the top of the benches, learn to ride the balance bike and roll/ kick the ball into the goalpost.

During Morning Circle Time, some of us are starting to join in and sing along with the Days of the Week song, “How’s the Weather” song and performing action songs like If You’re Happy and One Little Finger Tap-Tap. We fill in our daily journal chart and stick on the day of the week, date, month, weather and feeling of the day.

This month we celebrated Giang and Aidan’s 5th birthdays with a small class birthday party for each, so Happy birthday to Giang and Aidan!


It’s been a great start to the school year and great to see everyone settle in so well!