Active Flag News 2016


Now that we have our Active School flag, it is very important that we continue our Active campaign.

This year 4th class are the Active Flag Team and they have come up with lots of ideas to keep us fit this January. Our motto is :

Don’t Sit, Be Fit.


  • Soccer pitch for the yard when field is out of bounds.

  • 3 laps of basketball court without stopping. Increase laps every week.

  • Active playground buddies for the junior yard.

  • Cardio workouts in the classroom.



Active news 2014/15

As all know by now we’re working very hard to get our Active flag this year. Well done to our Active team from 5th class for coming up with our Groove it, move it campaign for 4 weeks in February. It’s so important for us to be active at home as well as school. A great website for parents to use at home is
Any parents wishing to get involved in our Active team contact Ms.McCormack room 4. We’d love if parents could organise an active event !
Afterschool basketball is a huge success on a Thursday with Ciaran. Two classes are available, both Juniors at 1.30 and Seniors at 2.30.
Our lunchtime leagues are a big hit with 5th and 6th class. When the weather gets better , we’ll take them outside to the field.
We hope 3rd class are enjoying Tag rugby with Victor ball this term!
Active week 2015 is fast approaching. What will be our whole school dance this year? We loved dancing to“Timber”.Check out some of the photos from our whole school hike to Tibradden.

Tibradden forest