Welcome Back!

Welcome to our new school year! We are sure to have lots fun and learning in our class this year 🙂

We introduced the new children to our coloured work stations, which are at the Red, Blue and Yellow table. They have settled really well into the routine of rotating between them for 8-10 minutes of work activities at each table, based on literacy, numeracy, fine motor and language skills. This week we were testing the children’s memory on colours, shapes, letters and numbers.

At BLUE station, we worked on matching, sorting and identifying colours. At RED station, we matched numbers and shapes, using both inset jigsaws and 3D Shape sorter boxes. We matched and identified numbers 1-10 using inset puzzle and a number flashcard book. At YELLOW station, we worked on identifying letters. We rolled and squished play-dough and stuck magnetic letters into it so we had to pull out letters and name them. We also matched letters to make 3 letter words- cat, dog, rat, sun.

In the Sensory room, everyone is having lots of fun! We enjoy bouncing on the trampoline, climbing up the slide, going on the swing, crawling through the tunnel, climbing up the frame and over the bridge as well as jumping into the ball pool! It’s a great room for burning energy and developing gross motor skills. In the big hall we had fun throwing and kicking large footballs around as well as walking and balancing on the benches.

At circle time, we all sit at the table and listen to our circle time songs such as Days of the Week, Months of the year, We are the Alphabet, numbers 1-10, How’s the Weather?, If you’re happy and Open Shut Them all by Super Simple Songs on You tube. We also take turns filling in the interactive calendar daily on Starfall.com and playing letter and number identification games on Education.com.

For art and crafts, we decorated our names by cutting out mosaic squares and pasted them on black paper to trace our names. We painted paper bowls and pasted petals on to make large flowers, which have a picture of our face in the middle of them. We have them hanging outside of our classroom in our “Kinder Garden” display.

What a busy first week it has been!! 🙂