Board of Management

Board of Management

“Manages the school on behalf of the Patron and is accountable to the patron and the Minister….”

Members of the Board of Management are as follows:
Brian Swan – (Chairperson & Patron’s Nominee)
Fr. Brian Edwards – (Patron’s Nominee)

Brian Gorham – (Community Nominee)

Brendan McDonald – (Treasurer & Parent Nominee)
Barbara  Torres Kerr Pinheiro – (Parent Nominee)

Orlaith Veale – (Principal & Secretary to the Board)
Eimear Hannigan – (Teacher’s Nominee and Recording Secretary)

WHAT does it do?

The responsibilities of the Board of Management are many and varied:
To manage school on behalf of the Patron
For the benefit of the students
Provide an appropriate education for each student

Day – to – Day Responsibilities:
Ensuring quality of learning
Recruitment of staff
Ensuring quality of teaching
School plan – develop and review
School Policies – develop and review
Safety and well-being in a happy and safe place

WHEN does it do it?

Meet a minimum of 4 – 5 times per Academic year
Appointed for a 4-year term commenced 1st December 2015 and runs to 30th November 2019

HOW does it go about it?

Work to an Agenda at each meeting
requires 2 weeks’ notice in writing for matters to be raised
meeting times to be communicated e.g. calendar or available from Principal

Work is done as a Corporate Body in a Governing sense
Individuals do not act as representatives of various groups as it is not a forum to air views

Do you have something you wish to raise with the Board?
Send a letter two weeks in advance of next meeting (as advised by Principal) to:

The Chairperson
Good Shepherd National School
Whitehall Road
Dublin 14


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