Science Blog

Welcome to the Good Shepherd National Schools Science Blog! Here students in all classes at the Good Shepherd will record the different Science projects they engage with at school.

Fourth class are taking part in a 10 week programme called Engineer in a Box. Jerry, an engineer with Stewart construction is carrying out an engineering workshop with fourth class each week. Every week a new member of fourth class will document what they did that day with Jerry. We hope you enjoy our blog.

Week 1 by Zuzanna

A guy called Jerry came in to us and talked to us about engineering. He showed us an introduction video and we all got the basic idea. We had to try to make the tallest tower we could out of two pieces of paper. Afterwards we discussed what could have helped us stand it up and keep it together. We watched another video about a bridge that fell because it wasn’t built properly. Next we made bridges out of 50 lollipop sticks, elastic bands, paper clips and blu tack. It had to be; free standing, 30 centimetres long and support a 500 ml bottle. It wasn’t easy but Jerry said we did good attempts because the bottle didn’t break the bridge. We can’t wait for our next lesson!