Category: 2nd class 2019/20

Time to Read visit to Teneo Offices 📚🏢

The children taking part in the Time to Read business to schools reading initiative, went to meet their reading mentors in Teneo. Teneo are Ireland’s leading sports communications and strategic sponsorship consultancy and they have offices all around the world.

Once there, we were met by Susan Keating, Teneo’s HR Director.  Susan and her colleagues welcomed us into their workplace and showed us around the various sections of the company. It was very interesting. The Sports section was a clear favourite amongst the boys and girls, followed closely by the work of the Teneo Design Team.

After the tour the children took part in their very own board meeting in Teneo’s fabulous board room. It was very exciting. The boys and girls had to come up with a new flavour of ice-cream and had to explain how they would market it using one of their favourite animals. We discussed flavours, logos, packaging, possible sponsorship and more importantly what their brand and product represent and who was their target market.  We had some very interesting concepts.

After a successful board meeting, we sat down to lunch with Susan who said she was very impressed with all the ideas they had given.

We thank Susan and Teneo for a great day out.



Science week!

2nd class had such a great Science week this year. We did lots of fun experiments in class and got to play with Kinex where we designed cars, houses and bridges to name but a few things. It was so much fun. We also got to learn all about bees. The bee keeper told us so many interesting facts. Did you know the Queen Bee has 2,000 babies per day!? We also got to taste honey at the end and it was delicious!

Autumn art

2nd Class were very busy creating Autumn art for our classroom and hall displays. We worked on leaf chalk drawings, Autumn trees and Harvest baskets. Lots of great pieces to be very proud of!


Music Generation

What is Music Generation?

Music Generation is Ireland’s National Music Education Programme that transforms the lives of children and young people through access to high quality performance music education in their locality. Through partnership, they create rich and diverse ways for participants to engage in vocal and instrumental tuition delivered by skilled professional musicians, across all musical genres and styles.

We are delighted to be working with Heather again, continuing on with violin in 2nd Class.  Jenny will also be working with us, teaching the pupils the cello.  We are already looking forward to our performance later this year.



Science is Fun! – Capturing Carbon Dioxide!

Did you know you can blow up a balloon using science and it won’t leave you short of breath? It’s true!

When we mixed baking soda (base) and lemon juice (acid) in a balloon we created a chemical reaction. The base and the acid respond by creating bubbles of gas, which is carbon dioxide.  This gas then blows up the balloon right before our eyes. Amazing!


Welcome Back!

We’re all delighted to be back in school after a nice summer break.

2nd Class have started weekly GAA Skills with a coach from Ballinteer St. Johns. This week we practiced ball handling, hand passing, catching and throwing, punt kick passing and overhead catching.  We had great fun and we even had time for a few games that included our new skills.  Watch this space for future Dublin players!