Category: 6th class 2018/19

JEP Showcase Day, RDS 2019

6th Class attended the Junior Entrepreneur Programme Showcase Day in the RDS today. This was the culmination of all the work done this year and a great chance for the children to see the business ventures undertaken by other classes. There were hundreds of schools from around the country in attendance, in addition to well-known faces such as Marty Morrissey, Miriam O’Callaghan and various business leaders. Each child received a medal and certificate of accomplishment, while great advice was given to the children to inspire them in their future business ventures. Well done to the class on their fantastic participation in the programme throughout the year and on the day itself!

📱iPad Training 📱

As you may be aware, the children launched an iPad Quest at the beginning of the school year, writing letters to various local businesses asking for a donation of an iPad or the equivalent funding. We gratefully received ten new iPads to add to those already in the school and we are hoping for more donations before the end of the year. The children are now receiving training in the use of many of the features and apps contained in the iPads. At present, we are using iBook to do projects on a chosen topic, incorporating sound effects, photographs and various visual effects. The children are finding this training very informative and are reaping the benefits of using this technology in the classroom!

A visit from the Seanchaí

As part of World Book Day, we were lucky enough to be visited by a Seanchaí, who regaled the children with wonderful stories from Irish folklore such as Faeries, ghosts and Oíche Shamhna. In Irish tradition, the Seanchaí was the storyteller who passed down stories of Irish heroes, myths & legends orally. The children thoroughly enjoyed being able to participate in this experience!

Junior Entrepreneur Project 2019

We held our Showcase Sales Day today where all our pre-orders were distributed to customers & we sold remaining stock also. We must now repay our investors and then calculate the profit made on our business. The project has been a great success and we hope everyone has fun with their Slimetastic Sensory Slime! Well done to all the boys and girls in 6th Class.

Junior Entrepreneur Project 2019

We have entered the production phase of our business project. We are now making our Slimetastic Sensory Slime! All materials have been purchased from the investment fund. Those with experience are acting as team leaders and peer tutors to others and the teams are responsible for counting orders and producing the required amount of each variety of Slime. There are also teams responsible for quality & quantity control, packaging and labelling the product. The children know that materials cannot be wasted as further purchase of materials will come from their profits! They have been extremely diligent and thorough throughout whilst having great fun and it’s been fantastic to see the children assume various roles in leadership & responsibility. They have done themselves proud! We hope to have a limited amount of extra batches of Slimetastic for sale on the sales day on Wednesday 13th February so feel free to drop in from 11am to see our business in action.

🌼St. Brigid’s Day 🌼

To mark St. Brigid’s Day, we were given a demonstration of how to construct a St. Brigid’s Cross. The children were then able to try their hand at it themselves, which they greatly enjoyed. These crosses are made from grass reeds and we’re traditionally used for blessing and protecting the home throughout the year.


Junior Entrepreneur Project 2019

We are now at the stage of advertising & promoting our Slimetastic Sensory Slime. Each child is now working as part of a team to help bring our product to life. The teams include finance, marketing, sales, communication and design. We are now taking pre-orders for collection on Wednesday 13th February from 11am. See the details below. We would be grateful if all money could be paid by Friday 1st- Monday 4th February before we begin production, as unpaid orders will not be fulfilled. Please support our business venture!

Grandparents’ Day💞

We had some of the children’s Grandparents visit our class today as part of Grandparents’ Day. The children were regaled with wonderful stories, anecdotes & jokes from years past about school, games, work and family life. The class were very interested in the history of our local area and tales of life after the war. A big ‘Thank You’ to all those who attended, it was a living history lesson!