Category: 6th class 2018/19

👨‍🎓Farewell 6th Class 2019 👩‍🎓

With heavy hearts, we bid a fond farewell to our 6th Class ‘gang’ today. They take the next step on their journey of life as confident, enthusiastic young people with huge potential which we know they will each fulfill. It’s clear that friendships will endure and ambitions will be achieved by all these wonderful boys and girls. We only ask that they come back and let us know of all the wonderful things that they accomplish. Remember to leave a mark that is positive on everyone you meet and everywhere you go! Goodbye 6th Class.👋🏼

Feis Filíocht 2019

The children participated in the Feis today, reciting a mixture of classic, modern and original poems. Every child performed beautifully and was marked by the adjudicators, with glowing praise given. Well done to one and all, particularly our medal winners Peter, Adam, Velina and Cameron.

🥅🥇Sports Day 2019 🎾⛹️

We had a fantastic day this year as we took part in our final (sob!) Sports Day in the Good Shepherd. Activities included Tug of War, Penalty Shout-out, Hurdles, Bopper racing, Water and Sponge racing, Three-Legged racing, Egg and Spoon racing, Dress-up racing and Sprint races. In the afternoon, we ran a cross-country race and played soccer, tennis and basketball matches. Everybody participated fully and we had so much fun. The sun shone, the music played loudly and the laughs were plenty, so hopefully many great memories have been made for the children as they enter their final week of primary school. Well done!


Class Tour 2019🎢🎡

6th Class had a fantastic day out at Tayto Park in Co. Meath today. Fortunately the rain cleared for us, but unfortunately, it was impossible to take a camera on the various rides for pictures, but the smiles on all the faces says it all! Nerves of steel were required and fears we’re conquered on the Cú Chulainn rollercoaster! The tour was enjoyed by one and all.

🏀🎾 Active Week 2019 🏐🥊

6th Class are being kept active and busy this week with all the activities that have been organised as part of Active Week. We have had boxing training, Glow Football, yoga sessions, GAA skills training, rehearsed for the school dance and will be on our school tour later in the week. Unfortunately the weather was not with us for Sports Day but we’ll get to it next week… stay tuned! Check the website gallery for additional pictures.

Transitioning to Secondary School Programme

The children from 6th Class recently took part in our in-school transitioning programme, facilitated by a visit to Ballinteer Community School. This provided the children with the opportunity to reflect on their time in Primary School, whilst discussing any concerns they may have about the transition to Secondary School. We were visited by some of our ex-pupils who are now in Transition Year. Dylan, Kacey B and Kacie D had great tips for coping with the changes involved that adults might not even think of! The visit to BSC allowed the children to view the classrooms, lockers, science labs and other facilities available in secondary schools, while giving them the chance to discuss some of their concerns with secondary teachers who gave great advice from the educator’s point of view. The children gained valuable insight regarding their hopes & expectations, and they will hopefully feel very positive about this exciting next stage of their educational journey. They will do themselves proud! A big ‘Thank You’ to our ex-pupils and Ms Chandler in BCS for their time and effort.

JEP Showcase Day, RDS 2019

6th Class attended the Junior Entrepreneur Programme Showcase Day in the RDS today. This was the culmination of all the work done this year and a great chance for the children to see the business ventures undertaken by other classes. There were hundreds of schools from around the country in attendance, in addition to well-known faces such as Marty Morrissey, Miriam O’Callaghan and various business leaders. Each child received a medal and certificate of accomplishment, while great advice was given to the children to inspire them in their future business ventures. Well done to the class on their fantastic participation in the programme throughout the year and on the day itself!

📱iPad Training 📱

As you may be aware, the children launched an iPad Quest at the beginning of the school year, writing letters to various local businesses asking for a donation of an iPad or the equivalent funding. We gratefully received ten new iPads to add to those already in the school and we are hoping for more donations before the end of the year. The children are now receiving training in the use of many of the features and apps contained in the iPads. At present, we are using iBook to do projects on a chosen topic, incorporating sound effects, photographs and various visual effects. The children are finding this training very informative and are reaping the benefits of using this technology in the classroom!