Category: 6th class 2018/19

Junior Entrepreneur Project

The next step in our business venture is to carry out market research for our proposed product, Slimetastic Sensory Slime. This involved creating a survey aimed at our target market and establishing preferences regarding various aspects of our product. After carrying out the survey we then had to represent the information gathered in various graphs and tally boxes. We can use this data to establish how we can best produce & sell our product.

STEAM Education

We have made Christmas cards with a science twist! Using a paper circuit, a battery and an LED, the children were able to light up their cards. They were then able to decorate them and write a Christmas message. STEAM education integrates science, technology, engineering, art and maths subjects in a fun, practical way. We hope your Christmas cards light up the dark Winter evenings!

Under the Microscope!🔬

On our second trip to St. Tiernan’s Secondary School the children gained practical experience of using a scientific microscope, being able to magnify samples on slides to the power of 40, 100 and 400 times their original size. They really enjoyed being able to examine mites and cockroaches when magnified. It has certainly whet the scientific appetite in our budding Einsteins. A big “Thank You” once again goes to Mr. Curry & St. Tiernan’s for this informative, educational experience.

Junior Entrepreneur Project

Today we welcomed a guest speaker to our class to speak with the children about setting up a business. A big ‘Thank You’ goes to Mr. Damien Byrne from Keylon Engineering Design Ltd. for providing the children with a very interesting and practical discussion on the details of entrepreneurship. It was very enlightening and we received some wise words of advice for our own project. Damien also provided the children with some lovely engineering projects to do, so we look forward to working on those soon! Thanks from all of us in 6th Class!

Birds of Prey🦅

As part of our school Science Week, we were fortunate enough to be visited by an expert in birds of prey. The birds we learned about were the owl and the falcon. Some of the children were lucky enough to be chosen to have the bird land on their gloved hand!

The Science of Bounce!🏀

On our recent trip to St. Tiernan’s secondary school, the children took part in a science experiment to determine the effect of heat on a rubber ball. Using predicting, measuring, recording and reporting skills, the children were able to conclude that heat will expand the rubber, thus increasing the height at which the ball will bounce. The children also had their first experience of using laboratory equipment, so it was a great opportunity to see what awaits them next year! A big thanks to Mr. Cathal Curry and the school for facilitating this trip.


Junior Entrepreneur Project

We recently held our ‘Dragon’s Den’ session of JEP, wherein our groups had to pitch their various ideas to the experts for evaluation. Below you will see the ideas for each group which include a sensory slime, name plates, pencil holders and a class comic. Each group pitched very well and spoke with great confidence, particularly when being questioned by the Dragons. Each idea was scrutinized and assessed. Whilst each idea had great merit it was decided that our Big Idea will be Slimetastic Sensory Slime, a homemade, calming product suitable for children and adults. We hope to be selling this in the new year so please support our business when the time comes.  A big ‘Thank You’ goes out to our Dragons, Mr. Eoghan O’Neill, Mr. David Curry, Ms. Órlaith Veale & Ms. Molly Tierney.  Stay tuned for further updates!

➗✖️ Maths Stations ➕➖

The children love the activities in our Maths stations, comprising of fun ways to practice number concepts, multiplication, division, times tables and number operations. Using dice games, card games, spinners and Soduko amongst others, these activities are a fun way to practice & revise some core aspects of mathematics.

Friends For Life🤸⛹️🚴

6th Class are currently taking part in the Friends for Life programme, designed to teach emotional resilience and coping strategies for the worries & anxieties of modern life. We have recently been focussing on positive thinking and relaxation strategies. These include Milkshake Breathing, Pizza Massages, visualisation & meditation. These are great skills for life, but do require regular practice so keep it up guys!