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Happy New Year…

Happy New Year from everyone here in Junior Infants!!

Our first term is over and we have become such eager learners. We have been busy settling back into the routine and have had an exciting two weeks since we came back from the holidays.

This month, our themes in Aistear tie in with ‘Healthy Living Week’ and Polar Animals.

But, first, we’d like to show you some of our Christmas Aistear and Art photos:

At Santa’s Workshop

Building toys for the workshop…

Designing some Christmas wrapping paper.

    Some winter art work


This month our role-play corner has been transformed into a café. This gives us a chance to see what kind of healthy foods there are for us and ones that are not so healthy. We also had healthy food puzzles added in to our ‘Puzzles Station’ to help us learn.

The Chef is preparing a meal at the cafe

Marking the right starting letter sound for these healthy fruits and vegetables.

Creating a healthy lunchbox.

Sorting hot and cold foods for fun.

Cutting, sticking, colouring and writing! We’re always busy here in Junior Infants!






Spelling tricky words and cvcc words while smiling 🙂





Not forgetting our counting!


We’ve also learned interesting facts about penguins and polar bears so we thought we’d create these animals too.


As you can see we’re so happy to be back in school on our journey of learning. Thanks for stopping by and be sure to visit our page again soon.

Once again, we hope you have a happy and healthy new year.

Junior Infants


December in Junior Infants…

This month, our role-play corner for Aistear has been transformed into a Post Office. At the Post Office, we practise our writing by writing letters and Christmas cards. We’ve been having great fun and at all of the different stations.



We’ve also been using the balance scales to measure some parcels. Which one is heavier??


A stamp can have a picture of anything! Here, we are designing our own stamps.


At the puzzles table, we are matching the number to the quantity with lovely Christmas symbols.


Here, we have to spell what we see. This is a great way to practise sounding out, spelling and reading our CVC words.


We always have time for counting and ordering the numbers.


We have been doing lots of  winter and Christmas art. Here, we made Christmas trees out of paper plate segments.


Check in with us again next week as we come closer to Christmas!

Thanks for viewing!

Junior Infants 🙂

People who help us…

This month we’ve been exploring the theme of ‘people who help us’ and we transformed our role-play corner into a Doctor’s Surgery. We’ve also been discussing the topic of winter and the wonderful things that come with it. Here are a few photos of us during our Aistear time…


The receptionist is taking appointments while a patient waits in the waiting room

The doctors and nurses are ready to treat their patients


Another patient waits patiently in the waiting room.


Dr. K checks a patient’s blood pressure to make sure it is in the normal range.



The hedgehogs are busy at the ‘Puzzle Table’. Here they enjoy puzzles and games based on Maths, Literacy and SESE.

The squirrels are using ‘play-doh’ to practise forming their letters and to decorate winter pictures.


The owls are telling stories in the small world town.


And finally, the foxes are creating sparkly snowflakes for our winter display. Everyone’s is unique which makes it their own special art piece.


Thanks for stopping by and check out our page soon to see our preparations for the Christmas season…

Junior Infants



On The Farm

The Junior Infants have been very busy working on the farm this month. They have had great fun learning about farm animals, the autumn harvest and signs of autumn. They have, also, been learning Halloween songs and rhymes in preparation for the spooky holiday. Here are some photos they would like to share…

‘The Farm Shop’…

Building ‘animal shelters’…


Two cheeky chickens roaming about…

Sorting the vegetables and selling them…

Making a sheep from cotton wool and paper plates…

We’ve been hearing lots of stories from the ‘Small World’ farm…


During this month we had ‘Maths Week’. The Junior Infants have become very good at counting. Here, they are using links and number cards to count out and attach the right amount.

They, also, learned the letters ‘a’, ‘t’, ‘i’ and ‘p’. The Junior Infants can come up with lots of words with the initial sounds and have become very good at writing their letters.

Keep up to date with their learning journey and stay tuned for the dress up day this Thursday 25th…




Our First Month

The Junior Infants have settled in well to their new classroom environment. They have been learning so much and are enjoying their first theme in Aistear  (Myself and My Home). Here are some photos of their bright and happy faces at play.

Forming an ‘s’ using a thread. ‘S’ is our letter of the week.


Two ‘squirrels’ creating colourful houses by cutting and pasting coloured paper.

The ‘foxes’ are about to construct a house with lego.


The ‘rabbits’ are gathering at the home corner to organise a birthday party for a family member.


Forming an ‘s’ with buttons.


The ‘owls’ are making household objects with play-dough.


‘Start at the top and swirl around to make the letter s’.


Be sure to visit this page regularly to see what our theme for next month will be…