Category: MLD 2019/20

World Book Week

‘A book is a magical thing that lets you travel to far-away places without ever leaving your chair.’ – Katrina Meyer

What a great week we had celebrating World Book Day! We loved listening to the storyteller who came to visit. We have also been enjoying our class novel – Billionaire Boy by David Walliams. The book fair was hugely popular with our class, with many of us finding new books to read. Well done to all those who dressed up and made a big effort for the character parade.

We Love Pizza!

We celebrated Valentine’s Day with a food we all love… pizza! We all enjoyed making this simple treat together. We wrote the recipe in our cookery copies and quickly got to work. Some of us opted for pepperoni while others preferred the classic margherita. Our pizza received rave reviews, with some even saying it was better than their favourite takeaway!

Learning with iPads

We are lucky enough to have access to several iPads in our class. Using iPads can be beneficial for our learning as it allows us to use images, videos, audio-recordings and games  as well as traditional reading and writing approaches. This is an engaging and enjoyable way for us to learn new concepts and revise what we know already. Here you can see us using Maths Bingo to practice addition and subtraction. Another maths game which is very popular is Hit the Button.

We have also been using iPads to improve our research skills and make projects. We are familiar with the Book Creator app and have been learning to use iMovie this year. All the children in the class chose their favourite animals and used the Epic! app to find out lots of fascinating facts. Well done to all!

Christmas 2019

We had a great December preparing to celebrate the Christmas season. In art we created fabulous snowmen and reindeer that we displayed proudly. In cookery class, we baked gingerbread men. We all loved smelling the scent of the mixture!

As we have been learning to use money, we made a trip to the local post office to post Christmas cards to our families. The boys and girls were delighted to be sending something in the post as a nice surprise.

In our last week of school, we welcomed the Garda band to Good Shepherd. They put on an amazing show and we enjoyed joining in and singing songs together. Then it was our turn to perform in the Christmas concert! It was great to see so many of our parents in the audience – well done to all involved.

The Gaiety Christmas Panto

A fabulous day out at the Pantomime was had by our class and Ms. Horgan’s class. The Gaiety Theatre put on an amazing production of ‘Aladdin’. A huge thank you to the Gaiety Theatre for arranging special seats in the boxes for us. We made the trip into town by Luas, which was very exciting for us all. Some children had never been on the Luas before and it was great to have this new experience together. The show itself was exciting, funny and engaging for everyone in the audience. We loved the singing and dancing so much we couldn’t help but join in. Seeing all the beautiful decorations really got us in the Christmas spirit. Well done to all involved – it was a day to remember!


Music Generation

We are becoming fantastic musicians as part of the Music Generation Programme! We have been continuing to learn the violin and some of us are even learning to play the cello. Playing music together and showcasing our musical talents has been such a good experience for us. We also got to experiment with more cool instruments and have fun making sound effects.



Happy Halloween!

Our class has spent a fantastic week preparing to celebrate Halloween.

We learned that Halloween originated in Ireland a long time ago. We talked about our own Halloween traditions and of course we were all excited to show off our costumes. Fabulous Halloween art was created and candy apples were enjoyed by all.

The Halloween disco was the highlight of the week. We hope you all enjoy the midterm and have a Happy Halloween!

Our Trip to the Park

We went on our first class outing of the year! We were all very excited to go to Loreto Park. We looked up the short journey on Google Earth to see our walking route and make note of where to cross the road. We loved trying out all the playground equipment together and getting some exercise. Luckily the sun was shining and a great day was had by all.

Cookery Class

Ms. Donnelly’s class has been getting creative in the school kitchen! We love doing hands-on activities and cookery has been enjoyed by all. It is a great opportunity to write down recipes and follow simple instructions. We have also enjoyed working together and helping each other. So far we have made sandwiches, rainbow fruit skewers and even Rice Krispie treats! We can’t wait to use these skills at home to prepare food with our families.