Category: Senior Infants 2018/19

Active Week 2019

Senior Infants have been busy celebrating Active Week. We participated in lots of different activities such as GAA, yoga, meditation, fundamental movement skills, dance, parachute games and more! We discovered that there are so many ways to stay fit and have fun.

As always, Sports Day was a huge success. The egg and spoon race, tug of war and water race were among some of the highlights.  Thanks to all the parents and volunteers who came to support and see us in action. Well done Senior Infants!

Blast Off!

Senior Infants are off to the Space Travel Agents! Before we travel the solar system, it is time to learn more about what is out there…

We all loved the Solar System song and video that we watched on Youtube. This introduced us to all eight planets and provided many fun facts. We discussed what we would bring to space and made a list of ten items.

Then it was time to construct our rockets. We used various materials to build rockets and Duplo was our favourite. We want to thank all the parents that sent in books and other space-related resources – one parent was even able to create a model of an astronaut using a 3D printer! We were all amazed by this.

We really enjoyed learning about the work of astronauts like Chris Hadfield and watching videos of them in the International Space Station. We had great fun making our own astronauts and aliens. Well done Senior Infants!

Happy Easter!

Senior Infants were excited to celebrate Easter. We learned about the events of Holy Week and that Easter is a time to remember Jesus. We incorporated our Easter theme into our Aistear time by making nests at the construction station. We also learned about the life cycle of a hen and put pictures in the correct order.

Our own Easter chicks and bunnies turned out beautifully! As always, we love our art lessons. We incorporated our procedural writing work by following step by step instructions to make each piece.

We were thrilled to participate in an Easter egg hunt as a class. We found plenty of delicious chocolate eggs in no time. What a super day!

Autism Awareness Day

On the 5th of April Good Shepherd National School celebrated Autism Awareness Day by ‘lighting it up blue’. I think blue is our colour in Senior Infants! We have learned that everyone thinks differently and that we are all special.

We had great fun with Junior Infants and Ms Younge’s ASD class in the hall. We sang songs, danced together and made new friends. Thanks to everyone for getting involved and donating to our school fundraiser.

Seachtain na Gaeilge

Senior Infants had great fun celebrating Seachtain na Gaeilge and getting ready for St. Patrick’s Day.  During Aistear time we made leprechaun traps to see if we could catch a leprechaun and secure his pot of gold. By the end of the week he had managed to evade capture but left a treat behind for us all.

We made a big effort to speak as Gaeilge throughout the day and played lots of fun games through Irish e.g. bingo. The highlight of the week was Lá Glas and the céilí mór. We all enjoyed learning traditional Irish dances such as the Walls of Limerick. Senior Infants look great in green – maith sibh!


Come Dine with Senior Infants

Senior Infants recently welcomed their families to the Good Shepherd with a special ‘Big Breakfast’. We came up with a breakfast menu to offer our guests and sent out invitations. We also spent lots of time in Aistear taking on the roles of waiters and customers. On the day itself we donned aprons and waited on our families hand and foot! It was a very enjoyable morning for all. Thanks to all who attended.

Grandparents Day 2019

Senior Infants were so excited to invite their grandparents in to visit our classroom. We love spending time with our grandparents – reading, going to the park, sharing meals, playing and chatting! We made some lovely cards to show our appreciation for our grandparents. We also came up with lots of questions to ask our grandparents. These questions helped us learn more about what life was like when our grandparents were young. We also said prayers for the grandparents who couldn’t make it and those that are in heaven. Grandparents Day was a great success!

Healthy Living Week

Senior Infants had so much fun celebrating Healthy Living Week. We came up with lots of ways to stay healthy such as brushing our teeth, going to bed early and exercising regularly. We also know that eating a balanced diet is very important. Our lunches are always packed with healthy snacks to give us the energy we need to learn.

Throughout the week we discussed the importance of eating different kinds of food. Playing healthy eating bingo was a great way to start learning about different food groups. We also did some ‘taste testing’. We discovered that strawberries are the most popular fruit in the Senior Infants classroom.

We were sure to make time for exercise on a daily basis, whether it was PE in the hall or movement breaks in the classroom. We love using the GoNoodle website which promotes movement and mindfulness for kids. Exercise is a great way to boost our mood and stay fit. Senior Infants are forming great healthy habits for the future.

Polar Exploration

Adventure is afoot in Senior Infants! We have been learning all about the Arctic and Antarctica. We started by locating the North and South Poles on maps and globes. We got into the spirit of this new theme by introducing ‘snow’ into our Aistear play!

Thanks to all the parents who sent in toys and books about these faraway places – our Discovery table was full of exciting information!

One of the first things we noticed from photographs and videos of the Arctic was how cold it looked! Our construction challenge was to create igloos out of various materials. We used Lego, Duplo, cubes and other blocks to make these shelters.

Senior Infants are very interested in learning about animals. We watched lots of National Geographic videos of animals living in the Arctic. We learned several fun facts about polar bears and wrote this brief fact file. Senior Infants created some very cute polar bear art using old newspaper.

Senior Infants were surprised to receive a letter from a cross penguin called Waddle – he wanted to correct the common misconception that penguins live in the Arctic. This prompted us to learn more about Antarctica. We focused on learning about Emperor penguins.

In the role play corner, we had a great time taking on the role of explorers! Senior Infants loved learning how to use binoculars. We also had fun transforming into husky dogs, seals and other animals. Polar exploration was a very enjoyable theme for all of us.



Happy New Year 2019

Happy New Year to all! Before we start a new year of fun and excitement, let’s look back on the 2018 Christmas season in Senior Infants…

Excitement started building in early December as we discovered a Christmas post office in our classroom! We wrote letters to Santa, sent Christmas cards and weighed packages to be sent out. What a busy time of the year it is. We got creative and made lots of art and Christmas tree decorations.

After working in the post office, it was straight to the North Pole to Santa’s workshop! Santa needed us to help the elves design and make toys for all the children. We tested toys out and decided which toys went in the sack for the big day.

The week before Christmas was the most exciting of all. We finally performed ‘Sally’s Christmas Present’ for our families and friends. We worked so hard to learned all of our lines. The costumes looked fantastic and it was a great show! We celebrated on the last day with a Christmas party. We will look back on 2018 with many fond memories.