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New Year 2019

A big welcome back from all the class.We drew some of our favourite characters in art .We hope you enjoy them!

Trip to Rathfarnham Castle

In September we went to visit Rathfarnham Castle. We got a guided tour of the castle and afterwards we played in the park. It was a fun day!

December – The Moving Crib

Our class and Ms. O Mahony’s class went on a trip to the Moving Crib on Parnell St. We saw loads of moving puppets and had great fun. We went to McDonalds afterwards for a treat.

Science week

We went to Dun Laoghaire to the Science of Bubbles Exhibition. We had a great time!
In school we made very interesting structures!



Rathfarnham Castle Trip

Our class and Ms.Connolly’s class went on a tour of Rathfarnham Castle. We visited many of the rooms  inside the castle and learned a lot about the history of the area. Afterwards we got to play in the park. It was a great day!