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People who help us…

This month we’ve been exploring the theme of ‘people who help us’ and we transformed our role-play corner into a Doctor’s Surgery. We’ve also been discussing the topic of winter and the wonderful things that come with it. Here are a few photos of us during our Aistear time…


The receptionist is taking appointments while a patient waits in the waiting room

The doctors and nurses are ready to treat their patients


Another patient waits patiently in the waiting room.


Dr. K checks a patient’s blood pressure to make sure it is in the normal range.



The hedgehogs are busy at the ‘Puzzle Table’. Here they enjoy puzzles and games based on Maths, Literacy and SESE.

The squirrels are using ‘play-doh’ to practise forming their letters and to decorate winter pictures.


The owls are telling stories in the small world town.


And finally, the foxes are creating sparkly snowflakes for our winter display. Everyone’s is unique which makes it their own special art piece.


Thanks for stopping by and check out our page soon to see our preparations for the Christmas season…

Junior Infants



Halloween Hoolie!
Halloween Hoolie!

We have had great fun  dressing up in different costumes for Halloween, from skeletons to princesses, and from Spiderman to cute witches! We enjoyed a little Halloween party and got to take home a trick or treat bag full of sweets. We also made lots of crafts such as paper cup witches, mosaic pumpkins, ghouly ghosts and Frankenstein’s head. We wish everyone a safe and Spook-tacular Halloween!

Parachuting Competition

4th Class were learning all about Leonardo DaVinci’s inventions, one that caught their eye was the parachute. They then decided to make their own parachutes. 4th class tried to figure out what material would make the best parachute; j-cloth, tin foil, plastic or paper towel. 12 children in the class predicted that the plastic parachute would be the best, 1 person thought it would be the tinfoil, 4 thought it would be the paper towel but no one thought it would be the j-cloth (because of the holes!!).

Trial runs have been carried out, make your predictions and stay tuned for final results!


Sponsored Walk 2018

4th Class had a fantastic time on their sponsored walk yesterday. They walked through Churchtown, down by the River Dodder and up towards Rathfarnham Castle before stopping in the playground for some well deserved play time in the sun!

Well done to everyone on the money that has been raised so far!


Autumn crafts and Sponsored Walk
Autumn crafts and Sponsored Walk

We had great fun today on our sponsored walk around the school yard where we got to explore new areas of the playground! We jumped in the piles of leaves and threw them in the air as well as hearing them crunch under our feet when we were walking. Thank you to all those who donated money, it’s greatly appreciated 🙂 Speaking of Autumn leaves, we also created some lovely seasonal art work…we finger painted red, yellow and orange leaves on a tree which we coloured in with brown crayons and we painted scarecrow masks with yellow and orange paper hair and sponge painted hats. We also listened to the song Autumn leaves are changing colours by the Learning Station on Youtube. We have really enjoyed learning about Autumn!

Trip to Rathfarnham Castle

In September we went to visit Rathfarnham Castle. We got a guided tour of the castle and afterwards we played in the park. It was a fun day!

Fun in the Sensory Room
Fun in the Sensory Room

We have lots of fun working on our gross motor skills in the sensory room! We climb up and down the slide, jump on the trampoline and have fun on the swings. Best of all we get to jump into the ball pool which is everbody’s favourite activity. For some quiet time we can sit in the dark tent which is a nice calming space or watch the bubbles change colour in the bubble machine. We are also learning to kick and roll the ball and crawl through tunnels, which is  a great core strength building activity! 🙂

Welcome to our new ASD class!

Welcome to all our new children who started in our ASD Early Intervention class this September. They have all been settling in very well and exploring their new classroom, playing with jigsaws, shape sorters and puzzles as well as building with lego and Mr.Potato Head. They are busy working on our fine motor skills by pinching pegs and lacing fruits and colouring in. The sensory room is a big hit where they get to jump into the ball pool and on the trampoline, go on the big slide and swing and play chase  and catch. Of course, we all especially enjoy learning our new songs on the big interactive screen, listening to animated songs about colours, numbers, letters, animals, days and months and many many more including action songs such as If You’re Happy, One Little Finger and Open Shut Them by supersimplesongs on YouTube. Come take a look at all the fun we have been having in our new classroom! 🙂

December – The Moving Crib

Our class and Ms. O Mahony’s class went on a trip to the Moving Crib on Parnell St. We saw loads of moving puppets and had great fun. We went to McDonalds afterwards for a treat.