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Autism Awareness Day

On the 5th of April Good Shepherd National School celebrated Autism Awareness Day by ‘lighting it up blue’. I think blue is our colour in Senior Infants! We have learned that everyone thinks differently and that we are all special.

We had great fun with Junior Infants and Ms Younge’s ASD class in the hall. We sang songs, danced together and made new friends. Thanks to everyone for getting involved and donating to our school fundraiser.

Seachtain na Gaeilge

Senior Infants had great fun celebrating Seachtain na Gaeilge and getting ready for St. Patrick’s Day.  During Aistear time we made leprechaun traps to see if we could catch a leprechaun and secure his pot of gold. By the end of the week he had managed to evade capture but left a treat behind for us all.

We made a big effort to speak as Gaeilge throughout the day and played lots of fun games through Irish e.g. bingo. The highlight of the week was Lá Glas and the céilí mór. We all enjoyed learning traditional Irish dances such as the Walls of Limerick. Senior Infants look great in green – maith sibh!


Active Week 2018

Senior Infants had a fantastic time during Active Week! There were so many fun activities organised – crazy golf, football, rugby, dancing, multi-sports, yoga and more. Sports Day was a huge success and we all really enjoyed ourselves. Thank you to all the teachers, coaches and parents that gave their time to make this year’s Active Week so action-packed. Well done to Senior Infants for trying their best, keeping fit and having fun!

Theme – Water

Splish, splash, splosh!

That’s the sound of Senior Infants playing with water! Armed with bath toys, jugs, funnels and other containers, we rolled up our sleeves to start a new theme..


Our play led us to a discussion about water. We know that it is all around us, but why is it so important? We decided to brainstorm and see how many uses of water we could come up with.

It was soon clear that water is very important to all of us – people, plants and animals. In honour of Earth Day, we came up with ways of saving water in school and around the house. One good idea is to make sure the taps are off when we are not using them. Senior Infants then got thinking about places we can find water – in puddles, canals, lakes, rivers and of course the sea! We agreed that we all like visiting the seaside.

So we decided to bring the seaside to the classroom! We had a great time wearing our sunglasses and having a picnic on the beach. We wrote postcards to our friends and family and played lots of beach games.  The pirate board game ‘Walk the Plank’ is definitely a hit!

As always, we have enjoyed reading lots of books about water. Billy’s Bucket by Kes Grady was a great introduction to our theme but Commotion in the Ocean by Giles Andreae quickly became our favourite! We loved reading about different animals that live under the sea. We decided to take a survey about our favourite sea creatures. It turns out that Senior Infants are crazy about sharks!

Senior Infants have been getting creative by making sea creatures out of Lego, play dough, paper plates and more! We have had so much fun learning all about water and the places we find it. Great work Senior Infants!


Theme – Life on the Farm

Spring has finally sprung! We have been exploring life on the farm.

Senior Infants were so excited when they discovered a farm in their classroom! We soon discovered lots of farm animal friends like chickens, cows, ducks and more. It was great fun to get into character as the animals and we all loved taking turns to be the farmer.

As always, we love reading books about our latest theme. Two of our favourites were written by Martin Waddell – Farmer Duck and Pig in the Pond. We loved how the author included lots of animal noises. It was great fun to quack, cluck, moo and neigh along with the stories. We learned that lots of animals are born during spring time.

We also get to see lots of new plant life during spring time. Many of us brought in daffodils, bluebells and other flowers to share with the class. Here is one of our own class plants – Tip the Tulip!

We helped Tip to grow by watering it and keeping the pot on the windowsill. We have learned that plants need water and sunlight to grow. Senior Infants loved watching Tip’s progress and were very excited to see the flowers blooming.

If you happen to pass by our classroom you will see our beautiful cherry blossom tree branches! Well done Senior Infants – they are lovely.

Seachtain na Gaeilge

Senior Infants have been celebrating Seachtain na Gaeilge for the past two weeks! We have been singing songs, playing games and doing lots of activities through Irish. The children have been making a big effort to say everyday phrases like please and thank you as Gaeilge, so well done to all! We also learned a new poem called ‘Seamróg Glas‘.

Lá Glas was a huge success! Lots of children dressed up in green clothing to celebrate St. Patricks’ Day. Thanks to all the parents for putting together some really creative costumes and outfits. We had so much fun joining Junior Infants for a céilí sa halla. Ms. Smith showed us some simple Irish dancing moves which we were eager to try out!

Theme – Dinosaurs

ROAR! Senior Infants have been learning all about dinosaurs!

This was a theme that we were all very excited about. Senior Infants could name lots of dinosaurs, including our favourite – the Tyrannosaurus Rex. Lots of boys and girls in our class brought in toys and books that were all about dinosaurs. Thank your for sharing these with us! We added all of the books and toys to our Discovery Zone, a place in our classroom where you can go to learn more about our current theme.  We all loved reading about all the different kinds of dinosaurs that existed long ago. Our favourite book was a pop up book that had lots of realistic sound effects!

We also read some fiction books about dinosaurs – Tyrannosaurus Drip by Julia Donaldson and There’s a Dinosaur in My Bathtub by Catalina Echeverri. These books made us laugh and led to a great discussion about dinosaurs. We know that dinosaurs lived a long time ago (before humans) and are now extinct. But we had great fun going back in time and imagining what the world of dinosaurs would have been like!

We even had our own excavation site in our classroom! We discovered lots of dinosaurs and fossils hiding in the sand pit! Senior Infants LOVE rolling up their sleeves and getting their hands into some physical play. The sand pit has been very popular.

Pancake Tuesday

On the 13th of February Senior Infants celebrated Pancake Tuesday! We are learning about procedural writing and decided to write a pancake recipe. We wrote simple step by step instructions that we could follow easily.

After all that writing, we had worked up quite an appetite! It was finally time for us to sample our own pancakes. We each chose our own toppings before enjoying the pancakes together. Delicious!

Theme – Polar Exploration

Senior Infants were very excited to get started with the first theme of 2018 – Polar Exploration! 

First up was learning all about the Arctic. We read a book called ‘The Great Explorer’ which was all about a brave boy called Tom who went to rescue his Dad in the Arctic. Tom encountered polar bears, walruses, orcas and even saw the Northern Lights! We were fascinated by the Northern Lights so we watched a timelapse video to see all of the colours dancing in the sky. After reading the book, we decided to make a list of what we already knew about the Arctic and come up with some things we wanted to know. We used a KWL chart:

During play time, we became explorers! We ticked off the Arctic animals we saw. Just like Tom, we used torches, blankets and binoculars. We were particularly interested in learning about polar bears and we found out lots of cool facts. Did you know that polar bears actually have see-through fur?

Most of us thought that the Arctic would be a tough place to live as it is so cold. We learned that there are people who live in the Arctic all year round. Inuit people live in log cabins and use igloos/tents when they move from place to place. They eat a lot of meat as it is easier to get food by hunting or fishing. We watched a documentary called Nanook of the North that showed us how Inuit people make igloos. We were very curious about this and had a go at making our own – we quickly discovered that it was difficult to make one with rectangular blocks!

Last week a letter was delivered to our classroom. It was from a cross penguin called Waddle! He was cross because everyone gets mixed up and think that Emperor penguins like him live in the Arctic – when really they live in the Antarctic. Waddle challenged us to learn more about Emperor penguins and we were up for the challenge! Senior Infants tried ‘the penguin shuffle’ and learned that although they walk in a funny way on the land, in the water they are excellent swimmers!

We involved Maths in our play by measuring the height of penguins using cubes! For our final polar explorer activity, we each made a list of ten things we would bring to the Antarctic. If you visit our classroom you can check out this class book!

Happy New Year!

Senior Infants would like to wish you a wonderful 2018! We hope you all enjoyed your Christmas holidays. Here is a look at some of our end of year celebrations:

We went to St. Tiernan’s Community School to meet Santa! His sleigh arrived on the roof of the school and he came down a ladder to say hello to all of us. We sang Christmas songs and had a great time!

We had to make sure that we were on the nice list!

Back in the classroom, we were back to work in our very own Christmas post office. We wrote letters to Santa and Christmas cards for our friends and family.

We used our interactive board to play games and create symmetrical Christmas pictures.

Our final role play station of the year was Santa’s workshop. Senior Infants made great elves as they designed and created their own toys. We then acted as ‘toy testers’ to make sure that all the toys were ready to go on the sleigh! Toy testing was our favourite part.