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School Tour to Trinity Sports Centre

School Tour to Trinity Sports Centre

4th class had a fantastic time on their school tour in the Trinity Sports Centre. They scaled the rock climbing walls, did tricks high on the trampolines and played multisports with eachother.

Sports Day!


Active Week!

4th class had plenty of fun during Active week doing circuit training, table tennis, boxing, using gym equipment and meeting Stephaine Roche. Also a huge thank you to Maggie who organised Glow Football for all of the girls! They had an absolute RAVE of a time.

School Tour –  Zoological Museum

4th class had a fantastic time at the Zoological Museum in Trinity College Dublin. They were given the opportunity to touch and hold a number of animal skulls, bones, furs and teeth. They were also able to compare the skulls and teeth of a herbivores, carnivores and omnivores.

Plenty of the children in 4th class managed to pluck up the courage to hold a Madagascan Cockroach! As well as Ms Nulty and Ms Smith! The children were also able to look at and touch a stick insect and king snake. The children learnt a huge amount about animals, even animals which are extinct!

Shape and Space

During the month of May 4th class have been looking at shape and space. The children identified different 3D shapes and made them themselves from spaghetti and playdough. This helped the children to establish how many faces, edges and vertices each shape has. The children were also looking at area, they tried to figure out how many of them could fit into 1 m sq, it turns out 12 of them could fit but it was a tight squeeze!

Electronic Circuits

4th class were learning about current electricity. They used batteries, light bulbs, wires, switches and motors to make electric circuits. They then applied this knowledge to make more advanced circuits using LEDs, diodes and resistors. 4th class experimented with these electronic components to make a variety of different circuits and to discover what order worked best for their circuit. they discussed how and why the components of the circuits have changed in recent times and what some of the benefits of the newer circuits are.

Quavers and Quadratics

4th class were lucky enough to be selected for the Quavers and Quadratics programme with UCD and Trinity. This programme looked at combining music and science in a meaningful way by looking at the science beehind music, instruments and sound. Two students from Music Education in Trinity College Dublin came in to carry out three workshops with the class. They taught them many musical terms, discussed the instruments in the orchestra, compared and contrasted different instruments and even played the trumpet, flute and piccolo for the students! Then 4th class were invited to visit the National Concert Hall in town, the children carried out three workshops with a number of university students and lecturers, here they made their own music, looked at the physics of sound how it travels and what it looks like as well as looking at the breakdown of different orchestral instruments and how they work. 4th class had a fantastic day out and really enjoyed all of the new things they learnt.

ESB Science Blast 2019

4th Class did a fantastic job at representing the Good Shepherd NS once again at a science fair, this time it was the ESB Science Blast. This is a science fair in the RDS specifically for primary school students. The children had a great day out, they took part in a number of workshops and two of our class mates were even chosen to go on stage! The class once again presented and discussed their project about what the best colour light filter is the best for growing plants, they spoke to other students and teachers in different schools, as well as judges and members of the public. Once again 4th class were brilliant representatives of the school and we are very proud of them.


BT Young Scientist 2019

Congratulations to 4th Class who represented the Good Shepherd NS at the BT Young Scientist today.

4th Class carried out a project to see what colour light filter was the best for growing plants. They learnt about how we see, how white light is made up of the colours; red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet, which all have different rates of energy and how we see colours, by a single colour reflected and the other 6 being reflected. They also learnt about why plants need light and the process of photosynthesis.

4th Class then carried out an investigation where they grew plants under different coloured filters; red, yellow, blue, green, clear and black. We made our predictions and our results were varied! As expected the clear filter had the strongest growth as it had the most energy, blue also had very strong growth as it is one of colours on the spectrum of light with the most amount of energy. Our plants under the red, green and black filters all died, this is because plants cannot absorb green light as they are green, black did not work as the plants need sunlight, however we were surprised that red did not work as our research said it would but we think that it did not work because red has the lowest energy.

4th Class did a fantastic job at representing the school. They spoke to judges, the media, the public, children and teachers from other schools all about their project. They even got the opportunity to speak to Emma O’Kelly the RTE Education Correspondent and be filmed by RTE, we’ll all be watching the news tonight! 4th Class were also able to go around and ask primary and secondary students about their projects as well as participating in shows and workshops with scientists.

4th Class had a fantastic day, all of their teachers are very proud of them. Well Done!


Venetian Masks

4th class made some beautiful masks from clay. They put a lot of work into designing, making, painting and varnishing their masks. Here are just a few!

Lines and Angles!

4th class have been learning about the different types of lines and angles in our environment

Can you spot parallel lines, perpendicular lines, right angles, acute angles and obtuse angles?


A Modern Day Twist on Vincent Van Gogh

Ancient Italy 🇮🇹 

4th class have been learning all about Italy, the Romans and Pompeii. 4th class carried out research on the Roman army, Roman architecture and Roman society.


Halloween Madness!

4th class looked fantastic in their Halloween costumes! Can you figure out who is behind the mask and face paint?

Parachuting Competition

4th Class were learning all about Leonardo DaVinci’s inventions, one that caught their eye was the parachute. They then decided to make their own parachutes. 4th class tried to figure out what material would make the best parachute; j-cloth, tin foil, plastic or paper towel. 12 children in the class predicted that the plastic parachute would be the best, 1 person thought it would be the tinfoil, 4 thought it would be the paper towel but no one thought it would be the j-cloth (because of the holes!!).

Trial runs have been carried out, make your predictions and stay tuned for final results!


Sponsored Walk 2018

4th Class had a fantastic time on their sponsored walk yesterday. They walked through Churchtown, down by the River Dodder and up towards Rathfarnham Castle before stopping in the playground for some well deserved play time in the sun!

Well done to everyone on the money that has been raised so far!

Skeletons in Science

This week fourth class were working as palaeontologists to try and identify what animal these bones could belong to. All of the groups came up with different animals, but some of the bones didn’t quite fit their theories!

Stephanie Roche Comes To Good Shepherd

As part of Active Week Stephanie Roche came to visit our school. She talked to all the boys in girls in the main hall as well as signing lots of jerseys, footballs and boots. She also raised our Active Flag along with Minister Shane Ross.

For those of you who are not familiar with Stephanie she is a professional footballer who shot to fame in 2014 for scoring a wonder goal while playing for Peamount United. (Check it out on YouTube)

All the pupils along with myself were glad she came to visit.

Mr Doherty

👨‍🎓Farewell 6th Class 2019 👩‍🎓

With heavy hearts, we bid a fond farewell to our 6th Class ‘gang’ today. They take the next step on their journey of life as confident, enthusiastic young people with huge potential which we know they will each fulfill. It’s clear that friendships will endure and ambitions will be achieved by all these wonderful boys and girls. We only ask that they come back and let us know of all the wonderful things that they accomplish. Remember to leave a mark that is positive on everyone you meet and everywhere you go! Goodbye 6th Class.👋🏼