Category: Junior Language 2018/19

Trip to Glenroe Farm 👩‍🌾👨‍🌾

On Thursday we set off on a double-decker bus to go to Glenroe Farm along with Junior Infants and Senior Infants. We got a tour around the farm and saw pigs, goats, horses, sheep, deer, hens, turkeys, geese, peacocks and more. Many of the animals had babies, and we were lucky enough to see tiny little piglets, lambs, kids and foals. We all got a chance to hold a rabbit and to pet a chicken. After meeting all of the animals, we had our lunch before heading off to explore the two playgrounds on the farm. What a great day we had!


Sports Day 🏅

What a great day we had here last Monday in the Good Shepherd! The sun was finally shining and we were all very excited for our annual Sports Day. Races included a hopper race, a dress up race, an obstacle course, an egg and spoon race, a sack race, a three-legged race and much more. Well done to everyone!




At the Post Office ✉

Our theme this fortnight was At the Post Office. We learned how to write letters, write addresses and send letters. We learned about the journey a letter takes from when it gets posted to arriving at the recipient’s home. We had great fun in our class post office selling stamps, weighing parcels and delivering post!

We all wrote a letter to somebody in our class and bought a stamp for it at our class post office. Then we put the letters in the class post box before they were sorted and delivered to the correct recipients. It was very exciting to receive our very own letter!

Lastly, we set off on a trip to our local post box on Whitehall Road to send some very important letters. Make sure to keep an eye on your post, you might just receive a letter from one of us this week!




Plants 🌵🌹🌻🌷

We’ve been learning all about plants in the Junior Language class. We learned about the life cycle of a flower and about the different parts of a plant. We also looked at the things that a plant needs to grow.  Then we planted our very own marigolds! We’ve been taking care of them ever since. We water them each day and ensure that they are getting lots of sunlight. We hope that they will grow to be beautiful flowers!



Easter Extravaganza! 🐰

We’ve had loads of fun doing Easter activities. First we put our chef hats on and made some chocolate Easter nests. Next we did lots of Easter art. Last but not least we went outside and had an Easter egg hunt. We love Easter!



People Who Help Us

We’ve been exploring our future career prospects this fortnight. Our theme was ‘People Who Help Us’, and we learned all about the people who work in our community. From mechanics to dentists, we looked at where each person works, what they do and what equipment they need for their jobs. We compiled as many jobs as we could before beginning our topic. Next we had a mystery bag and we had to guess who would need each of the items in the bag for their job. Then we matched job descriptions to the correct jobs and sorted out equipment for each of the jobs. Throughout the fortnight we had a chance to play in role as lots of different jobs. Lastly, we all completed a small project on a different job. We had lots of food for thought for our futures!






Pancake Tuesday 🥞

On Pancake Tuesday our classroom transformed into a kitchen! We put on our cooking hats and aprons and made a pancake mix. Then we all got the chance to make a pancake in the pan. Next we decorated our pancakes with toppings from a choice of fruit, marshmallows and chocolate before having a pancake breakfast together. It was so much fun!


Continuing with the theme of Pancakes, we set up a Pancake Cafe in our class. The customer could order different toppings on their pancake from the cafe menu. The waiter had to add up the total cost of the pancake with toppings. The customer then had to go off and find the exact change and hand it in along with their receipt to the cashiers. The cashier’s job was to check over the work of both the customer and waiter.


Did you know that people eat different kind of pancakes all around the world? We read a story called Mama Panya’s Pancakes, about a boy called Adika from Kenya who makes pancakes with his mum and shares them with the people of his village. They had chillies in their pancakes! We used this story to start learning about life in Kenya. After our learning we went in role as Adika using our puppet and answered questions about life in Kenya using the new knowledge we acquired.


In Literacy we’ve been working on procedural writing. We used sequencing cards as a prompt and wrote about the steps involved in making a bowl of cereal, making a sandwich and of course in making pancakes!


World Book Day 📚

Thursday the 7th of March was World Book Day. The theme of Book Day in our school was Irish Authors, so we read lots of books by Oliver Jeffers this week. We had a storyteller come into our school who told us an Irish folklore story, and on Friday we had a book character dress up day. Well done to all who dressed up!


Money, Money, Money!

Our theme in Maths at the moment is money. We’ve been doing lots of practical tasks involving money and learning through play.

We set up a class food shop and took turns as both the shopkeeper and customer. Every item had a price and the customer had to give the correct amount of money to the shopkeeper.

The shopkeeper also needed to count how much money they had in their cash register at the end of their turn. We used cubes to represent the values of each of the coins and this helped us find the total as we could count the cubes.

Next we visited the class bank, where we exchanged 1c and 2c coins for single coin values such as 5c and 10c.

We also needed to sort out the coins based on their value.

Our most difficult task of all was using our problem solving skills to find out all of the different coins we could use to make up a given value money. Look at our great work!

Lastly we had fun making coin rubbings!

We’ve been using the ipad to help strengthen our addition skills. Our favourite game is hit the button. If you’d like to practice at home and beat our current top score, see the link below.

Spring 🌻🌼🌷

We learned all about Spring in the Junior Language Class in February. We were happy to see flowers start to grow and watch buds develop on the trees. We made the most of the great Spring weather by going out on a nature walk one Friday. We found daffodils, daisies, dandelions and more. We love Spring!