4th class

Halloween Madness!

4th class looked fantastic in their Halloween costumes! Can you figure out who is behind the mask and face paint?


Lines and Angles!

4th class have been learning about the different types of lines and angles in our environment

Can you spot parallel lines, perpendicular lines, right angles, acute angles and obtuse angles? 


A Modern Day Twist on Vincent Van Gogh

Ancient Italy ­čç«­čç╣ 

4th class have been learning all about Italy, the Romans and Pompeii. 4th class carried out research on the Roman army, Roman architecture and Roman society.


Venetian Masks

4th class made some beautiful masks from clay. They put a lot of work into designing, making, painting and varnishing their masks. Here are just a few!

Parachuting Competition

4th Class were learning all about Leonardo DaVinci’s inventions, one that caught their eye was the parachute. They then decided to make their own parachutes. 4th class tried to figure out what material would make the best parachute; j-cloth, tin foil, plastic or paper towel. 12 children in the class predicted that the plastic parachute would be the best, 1 person thought it would be the tinfoil, 4 thought it would be the paper towel but no one thought it would be the j-cloth (because of the holes!!).

Trial runs have been carried out, make your predictions and stay tuned for final results!


Sponsored Walk 2018

4th Class had a fantastic time on their sponsored walk yesterday. They walked through Churchtown, down by the River Dodder and up towards Rathfarnham Castle before stopping in the playground for some well deserved play time in the sun!

Well done to everyone on the money that has been raised so far!

Skeletons in Science

This week fourth class were working as palaeontologists to try and identify what animal these bones could belong to. All of the groups came up with different animals, but some of the bones didn’t quite fit their theories!