Health & Safety


  • Read and discuss our School Mission Statement and Code of Behaviour at the front of the School Diary with your child. These help us to learn, work and play in a safe environment.
  • School begins at 8.50am – Children should be in their line up in the yard at this time. Any child in the school grounds before 8.50am must be supervised by a parent/guardian. Only children going to Breakfast Club can be inside the school building from 8.30am onwards.
  • Breakfast Club opens at 8.30am and the door is closed at 8.45am. It runs every morning Monday – Friday.
  • School ends at 2.30pm. For Junior and Senior Infants the school day ends at 1.30pm. The first break-time in the day is from 10.30 – 10.40 and the second break-time is from 12.15 – 12.45. The children eat their lunch and play in the yard at these break-times, weather permitting.
  • If your child is late, or you need to collect them early, please call to the office. Log the date, time and reason in our school sign in/out book. At break-times, if your child has to leave the school, inform a staff member and sign them out as above.
  • **The office will only be staffed from 9am – 2.00pm. I would ask all parents to ensure your children are collected on time as we will be unable to provide office supervision at either 1.30pm or 2.30pm. Also, if your child has an appointment or needs to be collected early please inform your child’s teacher in advance. This can be wrote in your child’s journal or by note.Please note that the school is not responsible for your children after 2.30pm if you allow them to go home unaccompanied by an adult.
  • If your child is sick in the morning please do not send him/her into school. Notify the school to explain their absence.
  • Full school uniform or school tracksuit must be worn at all times.
  • Parents are welcome to have a quick word with teachers at 8.50am or 2.30pm. However, if you wish to discuss your child’s progress in detail please make an appointment with his/her teacher.


  • Older children may bring a phone to school if needed for safety reasons when travelling to and from school.
  • Phones and other devices must be switched off on entering the school grounds and only switched back on when outside the school gate in the afternoon.
  • Phones must never be taken out to the yard at break-times or switched on in the classroom.
  • If the above rules are not observed your child’s phone will be confiscated and an adult will have to collect it from the school.
  • Parents/Guardians and visitors, please do not use phones within the grounds and never in the presence of children.


  • STAFF CAR PARK: For your child’s safety do not drive into the school car park when dropping or collecting your child. The car park is for staff parking and visitors only. This is very important as there is limited parking.


  • Please use the pedestrian gate when entering/leaving the school premises.
  • Do not walk with your child through staff car park. Small children cannot always be seen by cars and school mini–buses.


  • Use the crossing supervised by the traffic warden with pedestrian lights when crossing the road.
  • Remember the island without traffic lights is just a traffic calming measure. It is dangerous to cross there.

Dogs are not allowed in the school grounds at any time.

Smoking is not allowed on the school premises this includes vapors


  • Please ensure that your child has his/her own individual towel (a face towel will do) or hand gel to dry their hands.


  • We have a Healthy Lunch Policy. Small treats, such as a chocolate bar or bun can be brought in on Fridays only.
  • Several children in our school have severe allergies – As a result nuts, nut products (e.g. nutella) and eggs (hard boiled and sandwiches) are not allowed at any time.
  • Please do not send birthday cakes or party bags into school. We are always delighted to celebrate birthdays with our special birthday pencils!


We respectfully request that unless there is one for everybody in the class, birthday invites are NOT ciculated via the classroom. Do not send birthday cakes or party bags into school. We celebrate birthdays with our special pencils at assembly.


    We are a green school. We encourage the children to reduce, reuse and recycle by bringing empty cartons etc., home in their lunchboxes. Our refuse bills have been extremely high and any money saved on this and other initiatives will be used to buy extra educational resources for our pupils.


  • If any of your contact details change please let us know immediately.

Thanks again for your continued co-operation with all of the above.
Órlaith Veale