Happy New Year…

Happy New Year from everyone here in Junior Infants!!

Our first term is over and we have become such eager learners. We have been busy settling back into the routine and have had an exciting two weeks since we came back from the holidays.

This month, our themes in Aistear tie in with ‘Healthy Living Week’ and Polar Animals.

But, first, we’d like to show you some of our Christmas Aistear and Art photos:

At Santa’s Workshop

Building toys for the workshop…

Designing some Christmas wrapping paper.

    Some winter art work


This month our role-play corner has been transformed into a café. This gives us a chance to see what kind of healthy foods there are for us and ones that are not so healthy. We also had healthy food puzzles added in to our ‘Puzzles Station’ to help us learn.

The Chef is preparing a meal at the cafe

Marking the right starting letter sound for these healthy fruits and vegetables.

Creating a healthy lunchbox.

Sorting hot and cold foods for fun.

Cutting, sticking, colouring and writing! We’re always busy here in Junior Infants!






Spelling tricky words and cvcc words while smiling 🙂





Not forgetting our counting!


We’ve also learned interesting facts about penguins and polar bears so we thought we’d create these animals too.


As you can see we’re so happy to be back in school on our journey of learning. Thanks for stopping by and be sure to visit our page again soon.

Once again, we hope you have a happy and healthy new year.

Junior Infants