Happy New Year 2019

Happy New Year to all! Before we start a new year of fun and excitement, let’s look back on the 2018 Christmas season in Senior Infants…

Excitement started building in early December as we discovered a Christmas post office in our classroom! We wrote letters to Santa, sent Christmas cards and weighed packages to be sent out. What a busy time of the year it is. We got creative and made lots of art and Christmas tree decorations.

After working in the post office, it was straight to the North Pole to Santa’s workshop! Santa needed us to help the elves design and make toys for all the children. We tested toys out and decided which toys went in the sack for the big day.

The week before Christmas was the most exciting of all. We finally performed ‘Sally’s Christmas Present’ for our families and friends. We worked so hard to learned all of our lines. The costumes looked fantastic and it was a great show! We celebrated on the last day with a Christmas party. We will look back on 2018 with many fond memories.