Healthy Living Week

Senior Infants had so much fun celebrating Healthy Living Week. We came up with lots of ways to stay healthy such as brushing our teeth, going to bed early and exercising regularly. We also know that eating a balanced diet is very important. Our lunches are always packed with healthy snacks to give us the energy we need to learn.

Throughout the week we discussed the importance of eating different kinds of food. Playing healthy eating bingo was a great way to start learning about different food groups. We also did some ‘taste testing’. We discovered that strawberries are the most popular fruit in the Senior Infants classroom.

We were sure to make time for exercise on a daily basis, whether it was PE in the hall or movement breaks in the classroom. We love using the GoNoodle website which promotes movement and mindfulness for kids. Exercise is a great way to boost our mood and stay fit. Senior Infants are forming great healthy habits for the future.