Highlights of December 2019!

December was a very busy month for the whole school as there were loads of exciting activities and events planned for the final weeks of 2019. In the classroom we were super busy preparing for the Christmas Concert – preparing our class poem as Gaeilge and preparing harmonies for Winter Song. We were also very busy with our new reading programme every day, we tackled the tricky topic of decimals in Maths and we also had two art days where we painted Picasso faces, created a jungle scene inspired by Matisse, we drew Marc Chagall inspired houses and decorated with oil pastels, with experimented with tones to create our Van Gogh inspired Sunflowers and we created  a Gaudi themed collage piece of a city scene. Here are some photos from the past few weeks; our coding workshop as part of Science Week; our visit to the Explorium in Sandyford; we got the chance to use our laser beam target holders in P.E. and we had a Christmas Ball on the last week where we got to say a big goodbye to one of the children in the class who was returning back to Spain. We wish her the absolute best of luck and hope to keep in touch!