Junior Entrepreneur Project 2019

We have entered the production phase of our business project. We are now making our Slimetastic Sensory Slime! All materials have been purchased from the investment fund. Those with experience are acting as team leaders and peer tutors to others and the teams are responsible for counting orders and producing the required amount of each variety of Slime. There are also teams responsible for quality & quantity control, packaging and labelling the product. The children know that materials cannot be wasted as further purchase of materials will come from their profits! They have been extremely diligent and thorough throughout whilst having great fun and it’s been fantastic to see the children assume various roles in leadership & responsibility. They have done themselves proud! We hope to have a limited amount of extra batches of Slimetastic for sale on the sales day on Wednesday 13th February so feel free to drop in from 11am to see our business in action.