Money, Money, Money!

Our theme in Maths at the moment is money. We’ve been doing lots of practical tasks involving money and learning through play.

We set up a class food shop and took turns as both the shopkeeper and customer. Every item had a price and the customer had to give the correct amount of money to the shopkeeper.

The shopkeeper also needed to count how much money they had in their cash register at the end of their turn. We used cubes to represent the values of each of the coins and this helped us find the total as we could count the cubes.

Next we visited the class bank, where we exchanged 1c and 2c coins for single coin values such as 5c and 10c.

We also needed to sort out the coins based on their value.

Our most difficult task of all was using our problem solving skills to find out all of the different coins we could use to make up a given value money. Look at our great work!

Lastly we had fun making coin rubbings!

We’ve been using the ipad to help strengthen our addition skills. Our favourite game is hit the button. If you’d like to practice at home and beat our current top score, see the link below.