Our First Month

The Junior Infants have settled in well to their new classroom environment. They have been learning so much and are enjoying their first theme in Aistear  (Myself and My Home). Here are some photos of their bright and happy faces at play.

Forming an ‘s’ using a thread. ‘S’ is our letter of the week.


Two ‘squirrels’ creating colourful houses by cutting and pasting coloured paper.

The ‘foxes’ are about to construct a house with lego.


The ‘rabbits’ are gathering at the home corner to organise a birthday party for a family member.


Forming an ‘s’ with buttons.


The ‘owls’ are making household objects with play-dough.


‘Start at the top and swirl around to make the letter s’.


Be sure to visit this page regularly to see what our theme for next month will be…