People who help us…

This month we’ve been exploring the theme of ‘people who help us’ and we transformed our role-play corner into a Doctor’s Surgery. We’ve also been discussing the topic of winter and the wonderful things that come with it. Here are a few photos of us during our Aistear time…


The receptionist is taking appointments while a patient waits in the waiting room

The doctors and nurses are ready to treat their patients


Another patient waits patiently in the waiting room.


Dr. K checks a patient’s blood pressure to make sure it is in the normal range.



The hedgehogs are busy at the ‘Puzzle Table’. Here they enjoy puzzles and games based on Maths, Literacy and SESE.

The squirrels are using ‘play-doh’ to practise forming their letters and to decorate winter pictures.


The owls are telling stories in the small world town.


And finally, the foxes are creating sparkly snowflakes for our winter display. Everyone’s is unique which makes it their own special art piece.


Thanks for stopping by and check out our page soon to see our preparations for the Christmas season…

Junior Infants