Planned fundraising

The parents association enjoyed a busy time between September and December last year, supporting many events held at the school.  Our fundraising kicked off well with a fully supported Bag Pack in November so thank you to all who came out over that weekend.  Between that and the clothes recycling after mid-term, we’ve banked over 3k already this year.
Parents supported the Open Day in the school back in October and delighted in being able to talk to perspective parents about our school and all the hard work that is carried out by students and staff alike.  In addition, parents supported the accelerated reading programme’s introduction by helping to sort and catalogue books.  This has been a great addition to the school and we were delighted to help in some way.
The WhatsApp groups that began only last year, have now become a regular form of communication – with essential information about PA activities being shared as well as parents supporting each other with homework queries and lost uniforms.  We’ll continue to use the WhatsApp forum as a way to tell you about upcoming events and to keep us all connected.
This year we’re turning out attention to cakes!  By far the most fun of all of our events – The Bake Sale, will happen on the 6th February this year so get out your baking tins and join us in a collective sugar rush.  It’s a great event to be involved in – whether you’re baking at home, volunteering on the day or helping in the run up to it.
The ever-popular Table Quiz will happen on March 6th so put the date in the diary and start swotting up on Disney characters, solving riddles and general knowledge.  Last year was great fun and we are hoping for even more attendees this year.  If you’re looking for team members, use your WhatsApp groups to buddy up and please let as many of your friends and neighbours know.
We will have another Bag Pack on the 26th to the 29th March.  Every volunteer for this one counts as we have 36 2hour slots to fill over the 4 days and it is such an important fundraiser for the school.
As always, we are all part of the parents association by virtue of the fact that our children attend Good Shepherd.  We look forward to seeing you at any of the events or coffee mornings to come to this term.