BT Young Scientist

Congratulations to 4th Class who represented the Good Shepherd NS at the BT Young Scientist today.

4th Class carried out a project to see what colour light filter was the best for growing plants. They learnt about how we see, how white light is made up of the colours; red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet, which all have different rates of energy and how we see colours, by a single colour reflected and the other 6 being reflected. They also learnt about why plants need light and the process of photosynthesis.

4th Class then carried out an investigation where they grew plants under different coloured filters; red, yellow, blue, green, clear and black. We made our predictions and our results were varied! As expected the clear filter had the strongest growth as it had the most energy, blue also had very strong growth as it is one of colours on the spectrum of light with the most amount of energy. Our plants under the red, green and black filters all died, this is because plants cannot absorb green light as they are green, black did not work as the plants need sunlight, however we were surprised that red did not work as our research said it would but we think that it did not work because red has the lowest energy.

4th Class did a fantastic job at representing the school. They spoke to judges, the media, the public, children and teachers from other schools all about their project. They even got the opportunity to speak to Emma O’Kelly the RTE Education Correspondent and be filmed by RTE, we’ll all be watching the news tonight! 4th Class were also able to go around and ask primary and secondary students about their projects as well as participating in shows and workshops with scientists.

4th Class had a fantastic day, all of their teachers are very proud of them. Well Done!