GCSO Awards

Congratulations to a group of 4th class students who were awarded a plaque for the school for their work on sustainability. GSNS were very lucky to have taken part in a pilot scheme along with DCU and the Global Consortium for Sustainability Outcomes. This fourth class group have been looking at sustainability for a number of months; where our food and clothes come from, what happens objects when we are finished using them and the effect our carbon footprint has on the planet. For their project fourth class decided to plant and grow vegetables that could be eaten by them and the rest of the school, in an effort to reduce their carbon emissions and learn a skill that promotes a sustainable lifestyle. Fourth class were then invited to DCU to present their projects to the Science Education staff and seven other pilot schools. They spent the day learning about other schools projects and explaining their own and presented a video to the whole group which they had made that outlined their project. The children were awarded with a plaque for the school for their fantastic efforts.

Well done fourth class, you are all Sustainable Superheroes!