Science Week 2017

All staff and students at the Good Shepherd N.S. had a fantastic Science Week this year which took place between 13th – 17th November.
GSNS had a busy week which included visits from Tom our local vet, David Moore from Astronomy Ireland, Maud a medical scientist from Irish Blood Transfusion and David from Thorntons Recycling.
We also had an in-house K’nex Engineering Competition, which was a huge success! We had winners from 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th class.
All of the classes tried out different scientific investigations for the week.
Look at some photographs here…

Tom told us all about working as a vet and he even let us listen to Smokey Joe’s heartbeat!

Some of the children were lucky enough to hear the Doppler Effect our blood makes when it moves through our veins.

Maud taught us all about our blood and the different blood types; A, B, AB and O. She also taught us about some of her work with Red Cross and showed us how to carry out CPR.

These are some of the finalists of our K’Nex Engineering Challenge, which theme park would you have the most fun in?

David Moore from Astronomy Ireland came in to talk to us all about the planets and how we could be travelling into space for a holiday in a few more years!

5th and 6th class have been learning about sustainability and the environment, they set the challenge to design and make their own windmill

To finish off Science Week we had David from Thorntons Recycling, David told us all about what we can recycle and where our waste goes after we throw it in the bin.