Science Week 2018

We had a very busy Science Week in the Good Shepherd last week, these are a few of the activities our classes got up to.

The whole school was lucky enough to have a chance to enter a dome which projected images and videos of the solar system. The children learnt all about the sun, planets and star constellations in this unique experience.

All of the children also got to meet Ian Patterson and some of his birds of prey. The children learnt about owls, how they hunt and what they eat. Some of the children (and teachers!) were also asked to have a bird fly onto their hand while wearing a glove.

4th and 6th class were invited to the Dundrum library to carry out a workshop with Ali from Rediscover. The children made parachutes, investigated electrical circuits and investigated whether the level of glycerol in water effects the size and strength of bubbles.

4th class and Ms Lernihan’s class had a great time at a forensics workshop with Anyone4Science. The children had to work out who carried out a crime by investigating whether different ‘soil samples’ were acidic or basic using cabbage juice. They followed this up with chromatography to find out the exact criminal.

6th class had a great time in St Tiernan’s school. They worked in the science lab to find out whether a tennis ball will bounce higher upon heating.

Dundrum Library workshop

Space Dome

Forensics workshop with Ross from Anyone4Science

Ian Patterson showing us some of his Birds of Prey


6th Class working in St Tiernan’s science lab