ROAR! Dinosaurs in the Junior Language Class 🐲

Our theme this fortnight was Dinosaurs. We’ve been busy learning about the different types of dinosaurs, what they looked like, what they ate and how to pronounce their very long names! We know that dinosaurs are now extinct, so we went back in time to explore the world of dinosaurs. We read lots of stories about dinosaurs and incorporated dinosaurs into our class work and play. We really enjoyed this theme!


Other Activities this Fortnight:

We went on a Nature Walk while the weather was still fine. We had a list of 18 things to try and find around our school grounds. We managed to find all but conkers and snails.


We have been learning about the five senses. We carried out an investigation to test our sense of touch, smell, hearing and taste. We identified things using only one of our senses each time. Have a look at our results:

Luckily for us, the taste test turned out to be M&Ms. Yum!


We went on our School Sponsored Walk to raise money for our school. Thank you to all of those who contributed.

Working on Phonics: