School year comes to a close

thank-you card Good Shepherd N.S

As the school year comes to a close, most of us parents are wondering where it went to!  And the Parents Association are wondering the same.  It seems like only yesterday we were organizing the first bag pack of the year and here we are, with loads of events under our belt and a whopping year for fund-raising.

We’ve continued to host our regular coffee mornings for parents in the parents’ room which gives everyone a chance to connect with other parents and are especially helpful for new parents who join the school.  We introduced the class WhatsApp groups for the first time this year and this has been a great way for parents to connect and information to be shared.  Over the year, and often in the background, parents and guardians have volunteered hours of their time from keeping the library up to date, Maths4fun, the very successful Junior Entrepreneurship programme, sports days to making tea at the 6th class graduation.  These are as much an integral part of the parents’ association activities as the large events like the bake sale and bag packs.  Giving of your time is as important as the fund-raising that we achieve so to all those who regularly help out, we thank you.

And a big thank you to all of you as parents – to every time you bought a raffle ticket, or baked for the bake sale, or asked your friends and family for sponsorship for the school walk, or gave up a few hours to pack bags, or sent in a second-hand book, uniform or clothes for recycling  – To everyone who plays a part in supporting the school, our activities and our fundraising endeavours, we say a big THANK YOU.

And between us all, and supported by Chantelle’s super organisation skills and the teachers in the school, this year we have raised over €11,025.   What a phenomenal amount for a small school.  We’ve punched well above our weight and we can all be proud.

This money has already been invested into technology in the school.  The school has been able to buy ipads, a docking station to safely store, charge and transport them from class to class and a new sound system for the big hall.

We hope you all enjoy the summer and look forward to seeing everyone again at one of our coffee mornings in September.  Our main aim for next year is to support the development of the Sensory Garden in the courtyard which will be a fantastic resource for every child in the school.  So green fingered parents, be ready.