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Sculpting Clay: The Aztec People!

During this term, the children also embarked on a unit of study on The Aztec People. The Aztec People were an ancient civilization who lived in Mexico, and were at their most powerful between the years of 1345 and 1521. They were a very clever tribe who understood the importance of noting when and where the sun was rising and setting each day. By doing this they could predict weather for different times of the year which enabled them to predict rainfall and resulted in the tribe being able to harvest the best quality of crop to feed their people. They used something called a Sunstone to help document their observations. The children in fifth class carved out their own Sunstones. They also created their take on a typical Aztec temple of human sacrifice! Take a look at their creations, well done fifth class!

A Study of Water Animals!

During this term, fifth class have embarked on a study of water animals both in our own locality and in the wider world. Some children chose to research water animals that were already familiar to them such as the Mute Swan and the Whooper Swan while other children chose more exotic maritime animals such as the Bio-luminescent Octopus. The children worked individually on their projects and presented them to various classes around the school. Take a look at their hard work!


Terenure Drama Competition: Tom Sawyer!

The children in fifth class participated in the annual Terenure Drama Competition last Wednesday evening with our adaptation of the well loved play “Tom Sawyer”. They performed fantastically and they thoroughly enjoyed the experience. We’d like to thank our drama teacher Sandra and Ms. Tierney for their support and assistance in preparing the class for the play. Well done fifth class!


Happy Halloween!

It’s the time of year again to celebrate Halloween. We had a lovely day on Thursday 25th on our dress up day, we were very inventive with our costumes this year! After all of our hard work this term we got to have a Halloween themed party in class – we played some games, enjoyed some treats and watched some spooky Goosebumps! Have a lovely day on Wednesday!


Maths Week: Brickx Club!

We had a brilliant time during Maths week in Fifth class – we solved Maths crosswords, worked extra hard with our fractions, played lots of games of Around the World (well done to our winners!) and ended the week with Brickx Club! We worked individually and in groups to design our constructions so that they would be able to support themselves as structures. We were also able to decorate them at the end! Take a look at all of our fabulous creations, well done to all!


Keeping Active: Sponsored Walk 2018!

Everyone at The Good Shepherd National School were busy over the past few weeks fundraising for the school as part of our annual Sponsored Walk. Every child in the school participated in the walk today and we surely covered a lot of ground in the local area! We ended the walk with a well deserved trip to the playground at Rathfarnham Castle. Well done to all!


Science Investigation: Exploring Sound!

After our work with our tin whistles we decided to investigate the science behind sound; what is sound, how is it created and how does it travel? We made our own string telephones to investigate the matter and we were challenged by having to choose the best string for the sound energy to travel through. We also attempted to make our own reed instruments using straws and we investigated how the sound changed if the straw was longer or shorter. Well done fifth class, keep up the great work!


Feeling Musical: Tin Whistle Group!

The children in fifth class have been practicing the tin whistle for a couple of weeks now. They are progressing steadily as they work on holding the tin whistle correctly, getting a sound from their instrument, practicing their scale, reading music notation and also starting their first song: Oró Sé Do Bheatha ‘Bhaile. Well done fifth class, keep up the superb work!

Getting Creative: Visual Arts!

The children in fifth class have being working hard during their visual arts lessons. We have looked at some interesting artists such as Georges Seurat (who used a technique called pointillism in which the artist uses tiny dots of paint to create their artwork) and Giuseppe Arcimboldo (who used fruit and vegetables to create his pieces of art). The children’s works of art are on display outside the fifth class classroom, so the next time you’re around the senior end of the school you should have a look at our art gallery, it really is a sight to behold! Well done fifth class, keep up the amazing work!


Working Together: The Celts’ History Project!

The children in fifth class completed a course of study on The Celts and we learned about their homes, clothing, food and drink, their gods and examples of Celtic craftsmanship. The children completed projects based on a selection of these topics and presented them to the class. Lots of hard work went into these projects and the children really enjoyed the process. Well done fifth class, keep up the amazing work!