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Looking Back at 2018: Some Highlights!

As we eagerly begin our new term in Fifth Class in The Good Shepherd National School we look back at some of the memories we have from 2018!


As a school we took part in Science Week 2018 and we were very lucky to be introduced to some beautiful and interesting birds. Some of us even got to hold them!



We were working very hard all year in Fifth Class and we completed some project work based on the countries of Europe. We presented out projects to the class and the rest of the school!



We also worked very hard in Maths, and we completed some fun lessons on 2D shapes. We learned that there is a lot of tricky terminology in relation to 2D shapes but we worked super hard to get a grasp of it! We were tasked with making models of 2D shapes and also to use tangrams to create scenes from our environment!



Well done Fifth Class!


(More pictures to follow!)