Theme – Dinosaurs

ROAR! Senior Infants have been learning all about dinosaurs!

This was a theme that we were all very excited about. Senior Infants could name lots of dinosaurs, including our favourite Рthe Tyrannosaurus Rex. Lots of boys and girls in our class brought in toys and books that were all about dinosaurs. Thank your for sharing these with us! We added all of the books and toys to our Discovery Zone, a place in our classroom where you can go to learn more about our current theme.  We all loved reading about all the different kinds of dinosaurs that existed long ago. Our favourite book was a pop up book that had lots of realistic sound effects!

We also read some fiction books about dinosaurs – Tyrannosaurus Drip by Julia Donaldson and There’s a Dinosaur in My Bathtub by Catalina Echeverri. These books made us laugh and led to a great discussion about dinosaurs. We know that dinosaurs lived a long time ago (before humans) and are now extinct. But we had great fun going back in time and imagining what the world of dinosaurs would have been like!

We even had our own excavation site in our classroom! We discovered lots of dinosaurs and fossils hiding in the sand pit! Senior Infants LOVE rolling up their sleeves and getting their hands into some physical play. The sand pit has been very popular.