Theme – Life on the Farm

Spring has finally sprung! We have been exploring life on the farm.

Senior Infants were so excited when they discovered a farm in their classroom! We soon discovered lots of farm animal friends like chickens, cows, ducks and more. It was great fun to get into character as the animals and we all loved taking turns to be the farmer.

As always, we love reading books about our latest theme. Two of our favourites were written by Martin Waddell – Farmer Duck and Pig in the Pond. We loved how the author included lots of animal noises. It was great fun to quack, cluck, moo and neigh along with the stories. We learned that lots of animals are born during spring time.

We also get to see lots of new plant life during spring time. Many of us brought in daffodils, bluebells and other flowers to share with the class. Here is one of our own class plants – Tip the Tulip!

We helped Tip to grow by watering it and keeping the pot on the windowsill. We have learned that plants need water and sunlight to grow. Senior Infants loved watching Tip’s progress and were very excited to see the flowers blooming.

If you happen to pass by our classroom you will see our beautiful cherry blossom tree branches! Well done Senior Infants – they are lovely.