Theme – Water

Splish, splash, splosh!

That’s the sound of Senior Infants playing with water! Armed with bath toys, jugs, funnels and other containers, we rolled up our sleeves to start a new theme..


Our play led us to a discussion about water. We know that it is all around us, but why is it so important? We decided to brainstorm and see how many uses of water we could come up with.

It was soon clear that water is very important to all of us – people, plants and animals. In honour of Earth Day, we came up with ways of saving water in school and around the house. One good idea is to make sure the taps are off when we are not using them. Senior Infants then got thinking about places we can find water – in puddles, canals, lakes, rivers and of course the sea! We agreed that we all like visiting the seaside.

So we decided to bring the seaside to the classroom! We had a great time wearing our sunglasses and having a picnic on the beach. We wrote postcards to our friends and family and played lots of beach games.¬† The pirate board game ‘Walk the Plank’ is definitely a hit!

As always, we have enjoyed reading lots of books about water. Billy’s Bucket by Kes Grady was a great introduction to our theme but Commotion in the Ocean by Giles Andreae quickly became our favourite! We loved reading about different animals that live under the sea. We decided to take a survey about our favourite sea creatures. It turns out that Senior Infants are crazy about sharks!

Senior Infants have been getting creative by making sea creatures out of Lego, play dough, paper plates and more! We have had so much fun learning all about water and the places we find it. Great work Senior Infants!