The wellbeing of both students and staff has always been extremely important to us in Good Shepherd NS. Every year we hold a ‘Wellbeing Week’ during the second term of school. Good Shepherd NS Wellbeing Week is an important part of our annual calendar. Students, parents and staff are encouraged to join in the many activities that are organised, such as outdoor walks, coffee mornings, try a variety of sports and exercise classes. This year we will hold a ‘Wellbeing Week’ beginning the week of 14th February.

Various Wellbeing Initiatives are being used across classes in our school. 6th Class are engaged in the Friends for Life programme. 5th Class are following the Weaving Wellbeing course. Younger classes are engaged with Incredible Years. Monday will be a non- uniform day all staff & children are encouraged to wear red. Wednesday is Yoga for all classes with Sue our incredible yoga teacher. Thursdays are ‘Happy Joe’ days when Happy Joe returns to our school, working with classes in the hall to spread his own unique brand of positivity. Friday there will be a move and grove disco for all children in the playground with our dance for Wellness week “Coming Along”

We have introduced a serious of  ‘Positive Quotes’ which will focus on kindness and gratitude, and promote our Good Shepherd Ethos.

Other activities used this year include the class ‘Gratitude Tree’ where students can place notes about things they are grateful for and things that bring them joy. Children engage in dedicated ‘Mindful Moment’ time, where students and staff take some time out of the busy day to listen to quiet music and be mindful. We also engage in mindfulness colouring. We take some time to meditate and practice yoga in the hall.

Read the Department of Education Wellbeing Framework Policy here.