Winter Wonderland!

This month, we have been learning about winter time! We listened to the song “Put on Your Coat” and learned about wrapping up warm in the chilly air with our coats, hats, scarves and gloves. We decorated some hats and mittens too. We enjoyed listening to the song “Snowflakes” about slip sliding on the snowy hills and catching snowflakes with our hands, nose, tongue and lips- it’s great fun to copy the actions! We painted a winter tree scene by colouring the background blue and purple, then pasted painted brown strips for a tree trunk and branches, topped off with white paint snowdrops. “I’m a Little Snowman” is one of our favourite new Winter songs and we made a paper plate snowman, and decorated him with a glittery hat and scarf , black buttons and eyes and of course, a carrot for a nose. Come check out our wonderful Winter art! 🙂